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  1. random

    Kent BK4 shorter loft equivalent?

    Hello gents, What would be the equivalent of a Kent BK4, but with a shorter loft? I mean something not so densely packed, somewhat floppy you might say, but very soft and with great flow-through. Regards, Cosmin.
  2. random

    For those about to quit...(long post)

    For those about to quit... ...We encourage you! First, let me tell you a bit about my journey through the land of wet shaving during the past 2 years. When I embarked on this journey, I was regarding shaving as a painful choir and I used to avoid it as long as I could. In the past, I only...
  3. random

    Is there a Slant with custom handle?

    Hello gents, I was wondering if any manufacturer or seller offers custom made handles with a Slant head? I have looked and all of them are offering regular HD heads, but no Slant. Please let me know if you have any information on this. Thank you.
  4. random

    Simpson Tulip 1 dimensions?

    Does anybody know the measurements for the Simpson Tulip 1 brush? I guess it doesn't matter if it's pre or post Vulfix. I have asked a couple of vendors, but no-one answered until now. Thank you to all who might help.
  5. random

    Question for Rooney 1/1 super owners

    Hi all, I was wondering what is the inscription on the back of your brush? Mine says Silvertip Badger, I saw some pictures with Super Badger. Could the vendor have send me the genuine silvertip version instead of the super? If so, what are the differences between the 2? Besides the 10...
  6. random

    New Rooney 1/1 in super

    Hi all, My Rooney 1/1 in super arrived last week from classicshaving. First shave with it was with Tabac soap, the second with a sample of Mühle Aloe Vera I just received. Both shaves were very nice, and I really like the firm bristles, however I can't seem to get as thick a lather as I used...
  7. random

    New design Mühle safety razors

    For those interested, Mühle has introduced the new design of their safety razors, R89 and R41 (open comb). You can check them on their site: http://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/classic/rasierer/1/rasierhobel/77/8/R_89. I think they both are beautiful...Sadly, I just spent all my budget for...
  8. random

    How's Rooney 1/1 super for creams?

    Well, the title says it... How well does the Rooney 1/1 in super perform with creams?
  9. random

    random's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: random What is your real name? Cosmin What are your nicknames/aliases? apart from random, none other Where do you live? Bucharest, Romania, Eastern Europe What is your age (or) generation? 30 y.o. What are you in the...
  10. random

    Razor-blade combo

    Hi gents, Up until now, I thought once I find my "holy blade", I would be able to use it in any of my razors. The Red Personnas worked best both in my HD and my Mergress. However, in my new acquired Slant they don't seem to work; they don't cut it (no pun intended). After going through one...
  11. random

    Brush that likes to "give away" the lather

    Hello, I am looking for a brush that likes to "give away" the lather. I have a Muehle silvertip, and while it is a wonderful brush in many aspects, it tends to hold on to the lather, especially on the 2nd or 3rd passes. I mean the lather gathers in the area around the tip of the handle (or...
  12. random

    Violet Burn

    Hello all, I recently bought a GFT Violet soap, and while the shave in itself is wonderful (no irritation, very smooth), during the shaving process I have noticed a burning (itching?) sensation. It occurs on the second or third lathering. I know it's the soap since other soaps (Tabac...
  13. random

    Broken Tabac bowl - replacement needed

    I have just received my package containing the Tabac soap in a bowl, but it arrived broken :frown:. My question is: where can I get a bowl fit for the Tabac soap? I have seen Mama Bear has a nice wooden bowl, not too expensive. Would it fit my Tabac? Can you recommend me some alternatives...
  14. random

    Help identify a razor

    Hi there, After a visit to the country, the father of a friend of mine brought back a safety razor. It is a TTO, adjustable (1-9), black slim plastic handle. It looks very old. Under the guard it has a stylized W, and the code W-11. Can anybody help me identify it? No pictures as yet, maybe I...
  15. random

    First soap experience

    I just wanted to share my first shaving soap experience. For the last 6-7 months (when I began wet shaving) I have used only creams, as I had a (irrational) fear of soaps. I thought they were too hard to lather, too drying for the face, etc. However, I took the plunge one day and order one...
  16. random

    My first HD shave

    Well, I have been wet-shaving for nearly 3 weeks now (previously electric) with a Wilkinson plastic DE, a Wilkinson blade, some cheap brush (synthetic I think) and some cheaper local shaving cream. The shaves were enjoyable, however very different one from another, although I maintained the...
  17. random

    What DE razor for the first time?

    Hello there, After shaving a couple of times with a M3, I thought I'd try a DE. I thought it wouldn't kill me, right? So I was wondering what would be the ideal choice of a razor for a first-timer? Merkur HD? Someting else? Would it be OK if I would try at first some cheap plastic...
  18. random

    Muhle question

    Hi there, Does anybody know who is the manufacturer for the Safety Razors from Muhle? I mean the head of the razors. If anyone could identify them, please look here http://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/razors/classic/2/8/1.. Also, the Edwin Jagger razors, I heard they have Merkur heads...
  19. random

    Newbie seeking advice

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and a future wet-shaver (currently electric). I was fascinated by all your stories on this forum, very impassioned and inspiring. So, I have decided to try wet-shaving, and I'm browsing for a nice set with all the needed: brush, razor (thinking to begin...
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