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  1. fine wine

    cast iron seasoning

    Once again I'm faced with "not sure what I'm doing" challenge. I have never had trouble seasoning cast iron before now. I lightly wiped my 2favorite skillets with crisco, put them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours then waited till the next morning allowing them to cool down with the oven...
  2. fine wine

    were is the justice?

    Been on jury duty for the past week. First time actually serving. My first time and its a murder case. After tons of forensic stuff , the horrible pictures, and one lieing wittnes after another. It was so obvious it was self defense, I could not believe they wasted tax payers money and keep...
  3. fine wine

    Air rifles.

    I've been looking at different Air rifles of late. Pellet rifles . I have a old Benjamin .177 pellet rifle that is around 25 years old. But it is weak and not very accurate. From looking on the "net" I see there are all kinds out there now. What has caught my eye are the new ones that only...
  4. fine wine

    Statements that are true but funny.

  5. fine wine


    I don't mean to be a nitpicker. Or to cause any concerns toward any one. But to day I just saw "OUCH" new avatar! What on earth happened to OUCH? He has always been one of my heroes on B&B!! I for one always looked up to him, and would pay close attention to his words of wisdom. But now I can't...
  6. fine wine

    Is one pressure cooker better than another?

    I'm looking to buy a pressure cooker, I know this is like asking which is the best truck to buy, and maybe the better question would be are there any pressure cookers to stay away from. I'm just need some of the master cooks here to give advise. So with hopes this doesn't start the pressure...
  7. fine wine

    During WW1 what was the most popular type of razor?

    I have my Great uncle's straight razor. But it has never been honed. He was in the Army in WW1, he was in France. I was wondering what kind of razor did they use then? I find it hard to believe they carryed straight razors with them, because honing stones would surely have gotten broken with...
  8. fine wine

    boat motors

    I'm looking to purchase a fishing boat. My question is does anyone have a newer Evanrude motor? I know boat motors are like razors, guns, motorcycles and everything else, I.M.O. everyone just knows their's is the only one to buy. But my question is only asking about Evanrudes. If anyone owns one...
  9. fine wine

    wild boar after processing

    :a41:My cousin wants me to come down to Florida and go wild boar hunting in February with him. So I'm going. My question is if I shoot a 250 pound hog, after processing how much meat will I have to figure out how to transport back to Kentucky? I need to know or have a idea on how many coolers I...
  10. fine wine


    THE BRIDGE ON I-64 AT THE KENTUCKY/INDIANA STATE LINE HAS BEEN CLOSED INDIFINTLY!!! CRACKS IN THE BRIDGE ARE THE CAUSE!!!! Traffic in the Louisville are is now and will be for some time, horrible!! The traffic is being routed {86,000 cars a day} over to I-65. .................JR
  11. fine wine

    Here is one thats been asked 10,000 times.

    Were can I get blades for my GEM razors ? I only want to do business with B&B vendors. thanks ............JR
  12. fine wine

    A GTG soon around Louisville, KY

    What started out as just a couple of guys going to meet for lunch has turned into a small group going to meet for dinner. Of course the better halfs are not only welcome, but truely hope they want to join in. Any way all I can say for sure at this point is it will be on a Saturday around 5:30...
  13. fine wine

    Who would you recommend?................

    Good morning gentlemen, This morning, as with most Sunday morning I went to shave. I use a straight, and as I was shaving it came to mind that I have never used anyone to hone my razors. I have always honed them myself. I get what I consider a good shave. I've never considered a BBS as the...
  14. fine wine


    Hello????.....................................any body home???????????????...............JR
  15. fine wine

    Just wondering...........

    Today I was in a hurry to get my day started, so I pulled out my DE safety razor and did 2 quick passes. It was smoother and less stubble than with my straight razor. Now my straights will pass the HHT, and I enjoy and find my straight shaving relaxing. But till today I always thought they were...
  16. fine wine

    unknown razor maker

    I purchased a straight razor today. It is made with Sheffield steel, But it says made in usa by AJAX? I went to the wiki and I looked at my copy of manufactors and nothing . Any help out there?.........JR
  17. fine wine

    what to do with all this soap.....

    I have spend 37 years travelling, a lot! In the 70's I started bring home those little bars of soap that the motels give you. My Kids thought they were neat, and would ask for them as soon as I got home. :biggrin1: It became a habit I guess to grab them as soon as I got to my room. Well, they...
  18. fine wine

    pics of a Boker "red enjin" model 101 Brand new never used.

    I talked on another thread about storge oiling this razor I had, I said I would have pictures when I took it out of the celephane to oil it and put it back into storage.My picture taking ability is poor at best. The history of this SR is as follows. My Great Uncle Albery purchased it in 1920...
  19. fine wine

    storage oil ?

    I have been all over this website looking for an answer to my question before I decided to ask in this forum.. I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for.. I have a old Boker 101. Made before WW2. I'm guessing some were around 1920. It is brand new still in the orginal celaphone [Lord...
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