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  1. OneShaveAttaTime

    Raise your hand if you do an Against The Grain pass on your neck

    Title says it all, just taking a poll of who feels comfortable enough with their shaving to achieve an Against The Grain pass and if you can were you always able to do so. The reason I ask is because I have tried it a couple times since beginning wet shaving and have gotten weepers on my neck...
  2. OneShaveAttaTime

    Lathering CELLA

    Evening Gents and Happy Friday!! I found this video of a gentlemen giving a good lather to the Cella shave soap, he could have used a touch more water. But, this will give you a good idea of the amount of product, for anybody out there who might not be having the success they want. Maybe Ill...
  3. OneShaveAttaTime

    Seasonal Aftershaves available locally in the CONUS . . . ?

    This will be my first fall/winter using an aftershave. I know its crazy! But, before I started wet shaving in May I never used an aftershave so everything for this first year will be new for me. Including seasons. :w00t:Good Times:w00t: That being said, I wonder if there are any 'seasonal'...
  4. OneShaveAttaTime

    Its the 'I dont like irritation and cant remember which blades irritate' Journal

    My memory is bad, and Id rather not keep using razor blades that I should already know I DO NOT LIKE... So what better place then to keep track of my mistakes mainly, but we might as well throw some successes in there too. The reason I decided to take the dive and start this thread... Well...
  5. OneShaveAttaTime

    Do you ever look at your old posts? If you dont, you should!

    Evening again Badger and Blade, So just a minute ago I did my usual, clicked on my user name at the top of the page, then I click on "Find latest started threads" Now, this is nothing new for me because if I start a thread, I want to be able to know if somebody has responded to my thread and...
  6. OneShaveAttaTime

    Who thinks UK and England Gillettes are 'cooler' then the US made Gillettes?

    Good Day Badger and Blade, Over the last 3+ monthes I have been here I have ran into a rather serious case of RAD (not complaining just giving a little background) and with this RAD has come a bit of forced knowledge and novicely formed opinions. Naturally. One of them being that I think that...
  7. OneShaveAttaTime

    The ONE OF A KIND Gillette Fatboy SLANT or Fatboy got dropped on his head? Toughy

    Well now, This. This was a score, forget your bottom dials gentlemen. This my friends trumps all of your "hoffritz" "merkur" slants!! This. This, is your fully adjustable Gillette Fatboy Slant!! Dont worry I already notified the Smithsonian
  8. OneShaveAttaTime

    Help on choosing a brush. Topic: Semogue Boar

    Evening Gents, Im super new to wet shaving and need help choosing a brush. Ive been doing some reading and think I have narrowed it down to a good solid boar brush, because it can be had for an affordable price. So my decision is to get a nice boar instead of a cheap badger. Good decision? I...
  9. OneShaveAttaTime

    C.O. Bigelow 50% off with buy 2 get 1 and CAFEFAVES50 coupon MUST BUY 6 to get 3 free

    This one is going on again guys! If you get 6 items and take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free then you only pay for 4 then if you use the $10 off $30 coupon then you end up only paying for 3. For the price of 6. Enjoy. The code this time is CAFEFAVES50 . Heres your link again...
  10. OneShaveAttaTime

    Cella, I cant say enough about you!

    Now Im only 1 shave in.... But I do believe that from start to finish it was the most satisfying shave I have ever had. I could go on and on about the smell of this stuff. IT IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT! MY WIFE LOVES IT! HECK, EVEN MY KIDS LOVE IT! The best part of it all guys, it out performed...
  11. OneShaveAttaTime

    DREADNOUGHTUS "The Largest Dinosaur Ever Found!

    So explorers found a new Dinosaur and are claiming it is the largest ever found... and they named it Dreadnoughtus! http://www.latimes.com/science/la-sci-sn-dreadnaughtus-schrani-biggest-titanosaur-yet-20140903-photogallery.html Another link with a little more to read...
  12. OneShaveAttaTime

    Ivory Spike Razor?

    Evening Gents! So I recently aquired a straight razor made by Spike I has veins through the handle. Would this be ivory, Im thinking not, its bone right? Oh boy, I just need a little help with this one, If you guys need pictures I would be happy to accommodate but I thought I would check to...
  13. OneShaveAttaTime

    My personal thank you to the gentlemen of this forum

    Good Sunday morning Gentlemen and Happy Labor Day weekend!!! I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You to all of you great guys. You guys are great, the knowledge and outpouring friendliness that you gentlemen offer is endless and I am glad to be here. Thank you.
  14. OneShaveAttaTime

    Big boy deluxe base plate removal

    Evening guys! I really want to put the base plate from the big boy deluxe on a different handle. Is this ludicrous? If this is sane...How would I go about this? How does the base plate come off? I thought I better ask before applying force. Thanks in advance!!
  15. OneShaveAttaTime

    C.O. Bigelow 50% off with buy 2 get one and FALLINLOVE product code ENDS TODAY

    Better late then never on this one guys but bath and body works is doing a buy 2 get 1 free on c o bigelow and they are doing $10 off $30 or more so you can mix and match but just for example I was able to get 6 5.2oz premium shave creams for $30 after the buy 2 get 1 and the coupon...
  16. OneShaveAttaTime

    Shaved with a Fatboy today and it shaved circles around my Edwin Jagger

    Don't get me wrong, I love my DE86 and have been shaving with it pretty much exclusively for the past 4 weeks or so, but decided to give the Fat-boy a whirl this morning and oh boy, it was like sleeping on a pillow top mattress, nice and comfy from start to finish. Just thought Id share. Guess...
  17. OneShaveAttaTime

    Maggard MR1 Head Problems

    Evening DE Users!!!!! Im wondering if anybody else has had problems getting razor blades to sit in the head properly. I know they warn to not over tighten the head and I know thats not my problem here. The razor kind of makes a noise like its just not sitting quite right, and it looks like the...
  18. OneShaveAttaTime

    Newbie moments! Can you relate? POST HERE!

    Evening again Gentlemen, So today I had a great shave and my shaves are getting better every day. Im totally happy right now with my performance and progress at least today...lol, Im still new. But, today my sister came over and I was showing her my new hobby can sliced myself (not that...
  19. OneShaveAttaTime

    Ouch! That smarts!

    Evening again Gentlemen, So today I had a great shave and my shaves are getting better every day. Im totally happy right now with my performance and progress at least today...lol, Im still new. But, today my sister came over and I was showing her my new hobby can sliced myself (not that...
  20. OneShaveAttaTime

    Anybody tried shaving 2 times in 1 day?

    Title says it all. Thanks in advance from a new guy!
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