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  1. shavefan

    What's Cooking 2021

    Hard to believe no 2021 thread yet (it's May already!) I'll start. . . I put up 6 qts of chicken stock this morning (cooked yesterday, chilled in fridge overnight)
  2. shavefan

    Lou Ottens - inventor of the cassette tape dies

    Audio cassette tape inventor Lou Ottens dies aged 94 - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56355444 I have some cassette tapes in a box somewhere, I haven't had a tape player in years though. Many good times had while cassettes played music, many road trips. Thanks Lou.
  3. shavefan

    R.I.P. Larry King

    Broadcasting legend
  4. shavefan

    I found this recent poll sobering...

    From Jan 17, 2020 Social media, main stream media and politicians. Really. Great job all around.
  5. shavefan

    Our universe is a newborn

    It's hard for me to get my head around 53 trillion trillion trillion years. Amazing.
  6. shavefan

    RIP Tanya Roberts

    I just found that on Monday Jan. 4th, Tanya Roberts passed away suddenly at the age of 65. Bond girl, Angel, Beastmaster beauty, and of course Sheena. R.I.P. Tanya
  7. shavefan

    The Black Ghost

  8. shavefan

    Arecibo Telescope- R.I.P.

    Arecibo Observatory: RIP Hurricanes and 57 years of wear-and-tear damaged the renowned radio/radar telescope in Puerto Rico, making it too dangerous to operate. And then it collapsed. The radio/radar telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico was a 1,000-ft diameter dish nestled in a...
  9. shavefan

    Advice for secure password management-

    ---------I'm wanting to change all my passwords to sites I visit often, as a security measure. What is the best way (secure, convenient) to generate and manage on-line passwords?
  10. shavefan

    Regis Philbin passed away

    What a television icon! R.I.P. Reege
  11. shavefan

    Bunsters Hot Sauce

    I received my order of Bunsters (Australia) 7/10 hot sauce today. Anyone here tried it? Interesting ingredients list, no water or vinegar, just fruits and vegetables. No preservatives either. Bunsters claims 7/10 on the heat scale. I say that's about right, maybe 6/10 IMO. Very...
  12. shavefan

    New-Tonka Bean Shave Co. (Sebum Gold)

    I received an email from Sebum Gold this morning, looks like they started a new/separate shave soap division "Tonka Bean Shave Co." Tonka Bean Shave Co. - https://tonkabeanshaveco.com/
  13. shavefan

    Brian Dennehy RIP

    Another notable actor gone. R I P
  14. shavefan

    Stirling Moss - R I P

    A legend in Motorsport Stirling Moss - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirling_Moss "If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?" -Sir Stirling Moss
  15. shavefan

    Honor Blackman R I P

    Honor Blackman, 'Goldfinger' Bond girl, dies at age 94 - https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/honor-blackman-dies-james-bond-170927546.html
  16. shavefan

    Looks like UBI is a reality

    This is news is economic, NOT political... Trump Administration Seeks to Send Checks to Americans as Part of Stimulus Package - https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-administration-seeking-850-billion-stimulus-package-11584448802 It, universal basic income, was just a matter of time, CV19 only...
  17. shavefan

    Car's "Diminished Value" After Accident?

    Long story short, a couple of weeks ago some guy happened to smack into my parked car at 3:30am. Insurance is taking care of it and my car's in the shop as I type this. Someone mentioned to me that one can sue the insurance company for diminished value of the vehicle due to the accident...
  18. shavefan

    Clam Dip Anyone?

    Having grown up in the northeast, fall season always reminds of clam dip. From Wikipedia: In the early 1950s in the United States, the first televised recipe for clam dip appeared on the Kraft Music Hall show, a well-known and popular radio and television variety program that ran from 1933 to...
  19. shavefan

    Eddie Money dead at 70

    Total bummer. RIP Eddie
  20. shavefan

    New Tallow & Steel Scent - Yakushima

    New LE from Tallow and Steel... Tallow + Steel | Premium Grooming Products - Handmade in Canada
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