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Search results

  1. MattR

    Proraso canned foam

    Anyone used the proraso canned foam? Bought a travel size to use on business trips and will report back at end of the month on its performance. Just interested if anyone else has used it already?
  2. MattR

    Annoying spots!

    I’ve noticed that I regularly get a series of 2 or 3 small spots in a row going across my cheek about mid-way down. They are pretty small and aren’t in-grown hairs because I can see the hair quite clearly. They are more a sort of irritated follicle. If I squeeze them they do get better but...
  3. MattR

    Shave with Babe in arms

    Just wanted to share a new milestone in my wet shave journey. My 4month old daughter was very grouchy this morning and wanted holding by her Daddy. I was in the middle of my second pass but I couldn't just ignore her so I carried on my shave whilst holding her in the crook of my left arm...
  4. MattR

    Any one had a Shave at Geo F Trumpers?

    Has anyone had experience of the shave and face massage service from Geo. F. Trumpers in London? I’m thinking of buying my brother in law the experience for his birthday in a couple of weeks. It’s pricey but I think he’ll appreciate it. I know I would! If anyone’s...
  5. MattR

    Alum Blocks - are they worth it?

    Does anyone have experience of using an Alum block? Are they worth the money? Are they any good if you have sensitive skin? I read that they can help keep bumps at bay as well as put out any irritation but they are a bit on the expensive side. Your advice is appreciated.
  6. MattR

    Can you face lather a cream?

    I currently use soaps and face lather, which I find very effective. I'm wanting to purchase a tub of Taylors Rose as it gets great reviews and would be a bit of a departure from my usual rotations (L'Occitane cade and Proraso sensitive). Can you face lather a cream or does it need to be bowl...
  7. MattR

    Pre shave oil

    OK so this morning I found a little botleof Somersets shaving oil laying at the back of the cupboard. So, I decided to see what would it would work like as a pre-shave oil. Answer - BRILLIANT! For those who haven't used or seen Soemersets before, it's a 100% botanical based chaving oil with a...
  8. MattR

    How big is the wet shave revolution?

    Has anyone got any knowledge of how the market for wet shaving has grown over the past few years? I’m curious that’s all.
  9. MattR

    Sensitive skin soap/cream recommendations

    Can anyone make some recommendations for shaving soaps or creams for moderately sensitive skin? I react to anything with a high alcohol content or very strong fragrance, but otherwise I’m OK. My current set up is Merkur HD, Astra blades, Omega, Boar brush, L’Occitane Cade soap, and Prorasso...
  10. MattR

    Should I experiment more with blades?

    OK, first a bit of background as to why I’ve ended up in DE world. December last year, after approximately 17years using cartridges and goo I decided there must be more to shaving than Schick cartridges, canned goo and that permanent blotchy patch under my jaw line. So I went looking and...
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