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  1. Atos

    Speick + menthol + aloe vera gel after shave combo

    Hello gentlemen, I came up with one amazingly soothing after shave mix and I would like to share it with you. I always wanted to add menthol to my speick, but was always afraid that I would spoil it. So I waited till there was not much left in the bottle and then added small amount of menthol...
  2. Atos

    VP Brush set - any information?

    Hello gents, do you know anything about these brushes? I have an oportunity to buy them.
  3. Atos

    Shaving spree for the first time in my life!

    Good day gentlemen, few days ago I finished my 9th consecutive shave. For some it is completely normal to shave every day but for me that was never an option. When I was using Gillette Fusion and Gillette shaving gel 1 year and half ago I could shave 2 times a week maximum. There was no way...
  4. Atos

    Where are the B&B members from and where they live?

    Good day gentlemen, I would like to know where are all the members from. I am curious because this is mainly american based site and it would be interesting to know how common it is that a B&B member in not from USA. Please do not forget to vote at the poll. I will start. Born - Whereabouts...
  5. Atos

    Clubman Special Reserve OVERKILL

    Good day gentlemen, I have problem and I wonder if I am alone or not. I am DE shaving for roughly 14 months now and from the very beginning I wanted to try Special reserve aftershave. The reason was that I had a fealing that it will be the perfect strong scent for as I read all the adoration...
  6. Atos


    Hi Gents, I know that there is an almost uncountable number of threads on B&B about adding menthol crystal to aftershaves and questions how to add it to lather and so on. To be honest I do not want to add menthol crystals dissolved in alcohol to my lather or in olive oil as I read somewhere. And...
  7. Atos

    TOBS Jermyn Street shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin - BURNING!

    Good day to everybody, I would like to know if anyone has the same problem as I do. My first cream was TOBS Jermyn Street. I loved the smell but my skin was always burning a little during the shave and I very often got iritation. I bought Eton College and the burning wasn´t there anymore. But...
  8. Atos

    Atos's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Petr What are your nicknames/aliases? Atos Where do you live? Prague, Czech republic What is your age (or) generation? 20 What are you in the real world? student What is your favorite shave setup? Edwin Jagger DE89 chromed Persona platinum...
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