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  1. pauls51

    Santa Maria Novella

    Hi All, It's been some time since I've been on here. My supplies have dwindled substantially and after a European holiday and visit to Santa Maria Novella Farmacia in Firenze, I have rekindled my love of this hobby! My question is, Does anyone know any local stockists of Santa Maria? Thanks!
  2. pauls51

    And so the Journey Begins

    About a month and a half ago I got in contact with John (johnmrson) to get myself into straight shaving... He kindly offered me a 5/8 Solingen that he would hone himself prior to sending... The package arrived a couple of days later, whilst I was in the middle of moving homes. I had also...
  3. pauls51

    Australian Shave Article

    http://yourbeautyspot.ninemsn.com.au/1078620/ten-tips-to-a-close-shave Notice how there isn't any particular empahsis on which type of razor is best to use...? No push for cartirdge shavers and looks like he has dropped a hint on the DE razor at No 9... Yet the pic on the article clearly...
  4. pauls51

    What not to do!

    Morning, Afternoon and Evening All, I woke up late yesterday morning and was in need of a shave before going to work. Being a bowl latherer, I use my kettle to boil some water (which I use to pre soak my brush and warm my lather bowl up, while I take a shower). So I enter the bathroom and...
  5. pauls51

    Rare Super Speed

    Does anyone have any further info regarding this 1959 Super Speed???
  6. pauls51

    Freestanding Cooktop/Oven

    Not sure if this is ok to have in here??? The SWMBO and I are in the process of building our home and we are approaching the next step of deciding on the appliances for our Kitchen. We both love to cook and will spend alot of time in our kitchen. We have decided to go the 900mm...
  7. pauls51

    So you've finished your shave.....

    You rinse your face and apply some Witch Hazel and AS only to find out, at closer inspection, that somehow you have missed a spot!!!!! GRRRRRR The frustration!!!!. I figured i got really excited that i had some BBS sections where i haven't before and so instead of checking and touching up...
  8. pauls51

    The Wonderful World of DE Shaving

    Hi All, Signing in from the great southern land - Aus of course!!! . New to the whole DE shaving and being going about it for the past 3 months... All i can say is WOW... I wish i started earlier.. I only have one problem though... Its started to get ridiculously addictive. Im...
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