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Search results

  1. AJMiami

    Supply Provision Stainless Steel Injector Tour/Pass-Around

    What blade are you using?
  2. AJMiami

    Is Fine Accoutrements American Blend similar to Floid Suave or Vigoroso?

    They are not similar in my opinion. Fine scent is more American traditional barbershop. Floid is the superior product, with better skin conditioning properties
  3. AJMiami

    Aftershave balms vs other aftershaves

    Lucky Tiger face tonic and after shave could be a decent option
  4. AJMiami

    Asylum RX razor

    Snowman, great advice. It improved my experience with the razor. Thanks
  5. AJMiami

    Ikon SE razor coming out soon.

    I got el jefe today. And had a great shave. Almost bbs on first try and I'm a very poor shaver with sensitive skin. Only a few pin needle sized weepers. I did a 2 pass shave. I decided to take it easy on my mustache area, but that's my usual trouble spot. I used a feather pro, and feather as-d1...
  6. AJMiami

    Ikon SE razor coming out soon.

    For $25 with shipping resistance is futile
  7. AJMiami

    Anyone have multiples of same brush.

    Very similar story. I bought a chubby 2 in best, and I loved so much that I got another in Super. Most of my other brushes are sitting unused (including Thater, Rooney, Morris Fordran)
  8. AJMiami

    Floid "The Genuine" & Italian Floid "Amber"

    Can't go wrong with either. Great product with excellent healing properties, and lasting barbershop scent
  9. AJMiami

    Floid "The Genuine" & Italian Floid "Amber"

    I believe the genuine and the italian is the same thing. For example on gift and care, they have two large bottles, the genuine italian and the vigorozo
  10. AJMiami

    What Simpson brush for daily use?

    To the OP. I used my duke 3 last night, and it is completely dry now 24 hrs later. My chubby 2s need 48-72 hours to fully dry
  11. AJMiami

    What Simpson brush for daily use?

    Yes. I have only used twice, but it seems to be drying quite well in 24 hours
  12. AJMiami

    What Simpson brush for daily use?

    The chubby 1 would have similar density to the CH2, so it would hog the lather and be slower drying than a duke or commodore. My duke 3 is less dense than my chubbies and seems to dry fairly fast.
  13. AJMiami

    Which brush should I go for?

    I have a chubby 2 in BB and I love it
  14. AJMiami

    What Simpson brush for daily use?

    I'm understand this. I was under the same dilemma and ended up adding another chubby 2 in super. This tells you how much i love the chubby experience
  15. AJMiami

    Speick Shave soap in a tube is:

    I love both, although I like the soap a bit more. Speick is one of the creams I finished the whole tube. This was several years ago and I recall the performance being as good as proraso and other creams. I'm getting a new tube of this cream in the next few days will report back
  16. AJMiami

    What Simpson brush for daily use?

    I confirm that the Duke 3 dries more quicker than my Chubby 2s
  17. AJMiami

    So many Simpsons!

    I have tried about 15 different simpsons. Currently with 5 on my stach, and one on the way. I suggest the duke 3. I just got mine today and it is a solid brush. The handle feels solid with great knot dimensions and face feels
  18. AJMiami

    Your top badger brush

    Simpsons Chubby 2 Best Badger
  19. AJMiami

    Expensive Brushes, Why?

    IMO. From the utilitarian aspect, there isn't much justification once you go above $100. But we are talking about a mix of utility, and collectible items. These items can last a lifetime if they are well cared for. There are design, craftsmanship and performance aspects, plus supply+demand...
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