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  1. EddieSlick

    Experiment with Williams puck

    Just for fun, ran a Williams puck through a cheese grater, added a teaspoon each of coconut oil and glycerine. Melted it in a saucepan with a pit of water and poured it into a shaving mug. It's more of a "croap" at this point. Not a bad shave. Nicer on the skin at least.
  2. EddieSlick

    First straight razor shave

    Went quite well. Picked up a refurbished Wade and Butcher last week on eBay. Went to the local gentlemen's wet shaving boutique located in a trendy part of the city today and bought a Bison Strop. Got some good tips on honing and stropping. Didn't push my luck on first attempt. Neck, cheeks...
  3. EddieSlick

    Gillette Bicott?

    I understand English is not their first language, just found it hilarious and odd that they would single out a particular brand.
  4. EddieSlick

    The classics never really go out of style

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