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Search results

  1. Bk124tt

    Happy New Year

    Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
  2. Bk124tt

    Merry Christmas Gentlemen

    Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas! Let's remember our Military, doctors, nurses, Firefighters, Cops, etc. who can't be with their families today.
  3. Bk124tt

    Backstoner's first sea star

    If you know Yves Backstoner's work, you know it goes for as premium. What would say his first Sea Star would be worth?
  4. Bk124tt

    Is that a reindeer in the SE?????

    Its cloudy out but I think I see a reindeer in the distance
  5. Bk124tt

    What's inside your humidor?

    Let's take a look INSIDE your humidor!
  6. Bk124tt

    I love my Lorenzo's

    Nothing more than to say how I enjoy my Lorenzo pipes. Carlos Vizcaino from GPSS had turned me onto them a few years ago.
  7. Bk124tt

    FS Nording pipe

    Up for sale is my lightly used Nording pipe in a pot shape. I'll ask $40 shipped conus.
  8. Bk124tt

    Possible meer commision

    Starting to inquire about a meershaum figure Fire Department face with a classic high eagle helmet. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't Time will tell......
  9. Bk124tt

    Happy Meerschaum madness

    Unfortunately I am on a 21 Day wife induced cleanse. Missing out on copious quantities of Beer on St Patrick's day and I've cut out tobacco during the process. Any who....... I came across three containers of Fiebings dye. one black, one green and one yellow. Barely used. I also have two...
  10. Bk124tt

    90,000 clay pipes on display

    Just finished a wonderful meal at Keens Steakhouse in Manhattan NY. outstanding steaks and 90k pieces on display from when people would pay $5 per year to belong to their pipe club. Now all the pieces are on display and many from very famous people.
  11. Bk124tt

    Its madness in the stock exchange

    if you're not a member you may want to reconsider.....fast......
  12. Bk124tt

    This morning's ponderings

    1. Why does Stonehaven and Germaine RDF get gunky in my pipe? 2. I forgot how much I like Comoys Cask #2. Gotta reload on that stuff soon! That is all
  13. Bk124tt

    Which is your go to for trimming the tip of your cigar for smoking

    My go to these days is a plugger. I've never been a great fan of a cutter. For a long time I would moisten up the tip for a few minutes and neatly bite off the tip.
  14. Bk124tt

    To smoke or sell

    I will go with popular opinion. I've had this Ardor Fantasy for years and have yet to smoke her. I was going to sell it to an online dealer until they offered me $80. The question now is sell it privately or smoke it???
  15. Bk124tt

    Brand new unsmoked H. Cor.

    I purchased two and decided to stick with one. Asking to get what I paid. $200. Priority shipping with insurance will be added actual cost. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  16. Bk124tt

    Hekthor Wiebe Horn Pipe "BL"

    I am listing a Hekthor Wiebe horn pipe that I purchased new from TPC.Com on 2013. I've enjoyed approximately 5-6 smokes from her. I am more of a "on the move" smoker where as this is more of a "sit down and relax" pipe. The briar shows nice variations of flame grain as well as birds eye grain. I...
  17. Bk124tt

    Peterson Rosslare 106

    This is an unsmoked Peterson Rosslare 106. A little silver polish and some tobacco and she'll be ready for her first smoke. $85+shipping
  18. Bk124tt

    They sent me two PIF

    My good luck is your good luck. I ordered this hand forged pipe tool set from Finland and they sent me two. In the spirit of paying it forward......... If you are in just leave a comment on what your (not favorite) most used pipe tool is and say you're in. Mine is a golf tee ⛳
  19. Bk124tt

    Red Cake 5100

    I have heard so many good things about McClelland's Red Cake 5100 on here, so I picked some up. It was a great smoke straight up. I hear it's also a great base for mixing. What recipe do you suggest?
  20. Bk124tt

    I want to be that guy

    A couple of years ago while on vacation in Aruba I observed a gentleman smoking a pipe in the nearby distance. I felt compelled to walk over to him and strike up a conversation. If memory serves me correctly he was a 30-40 year pipe smoker. All he smoked was captain black white and he only...
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