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Search results

  1. TacticalPanda

    WTB Blackbird Ti

    Looking for a Blackbird Titanium, thanks!
  2. TacticalPanda

    A DE for my wife.

    My girlfriend has essentially stolen my Vector from me. She loves the thin head and the width, makes shaving legs really easy. The Artist Club blades last a long time on thin leg hair as well.
  3. TacticalPanda

    FS SV, DG, GD, WK, razor lot and case

    Razor box, SOC, Spa, Encens Agrumes, and Sudsy Soapery post shave are still available! Feel free to make an offer!
  4. TacticalPanda

    FS SV, DG, GD, WK, razor lot and case

    Hey guys, big den clearing here. I'd like to sell as much together as possible, so interest in lots take priority. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping, CONUS only. All the software together with the SOC is $125. Spa is probably 50 to 60% full, WK Agrumi is probably 75 to 80% full...
  5. TacticalPanda

    Wolfman WR1 or WR2 and Blade Gap Help!

    I prefer the WR1 to the WR2 head. Still extremely smooth, but much more maneuverable and nimble. It also feels more honest if that makes sense, I can keep track of where I am and what I'm doing better with it. The WR2 is remarkably smooth for its given efficiency, but if I could only choose one...
  6. TacticalPanda

    FS Wolfman WR2, Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic

    Hey guys, looking to move a couple pieces. CONUS only, fees and shipping included. $500- Wolfman WR 1.05 SB, WRH2 90mm solid handle. The head is basic brushed, handle is basic polished. The handle is so textured that they honestly match well, it's hard to tell during regular use that they...
  7. TacticalPanda

    Declaration Grooming?

    Same for me. Scott has answered all of my emails within an hour and been nothing less than a complete gentleman. Great guy.
  8. TacticalPanda

    FSOT Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, Simpson, WK, GD

    Price drop on soap lot to $50 and TdH to $50!
  9. TacticalPanda

    FSOT Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, Simpson, WK, GD

    Charcoal Goods and Simpson sold!
  10. TacticalPanda

    FSOT Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, Simpson, WK, GD

    Hey guys, trying to clear out the den a bit. You can see what's listed in the pics here. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping, CONUS only. Wolfman basic polish, solid, 90mm WRH2 handle, I'm only looking for a trade for this. Looking for a brushed WRH3 (non-hybrid), or a brushed WRH2...
  11. TacticalPanda

    Rud's Scores

    I like reading his reviews on Reddit, but I don't follow them super closely. Separating soaps by a point out of 100 or more seems impossible especially when your prep or the amount of uses on a blade can make a bigger difference than the difference between two amazing soaps.
  12. TacticalPanda

    Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB: First Shave Assessment

    Perhaps it's illusory to a degree. I find the WR2 smoother and also more forgiving, so I may be perceiving it as having less blade feel when really it's just more forgiving of error.
  13. TacticalPanda

    Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB: First Shave Assessment

    I have the 1.25 WR2 SB and to me it still has less blade feel than a Timeless 0.95, at least the OC version. Really fantastic head design.
  14. TacticalPanda

    Semogue boar quality question

    Before I got into newer generation synthetics, I only used boar. All my brushes were Semogue except for one Omega. Semogue makes the best boar brushes around IMO and you can find one for every taste. The SOC and 830 were my favorites.
  15. TacticalPanda

    PS5 or Xbox Series X

    PS5 for me. Multiplats will be the usual, but Playstation almost always has better exclusives for me.
  16. TacticalPanda

    Why are you a cream man...or a soap man?

    Soaps for me, particularly the new artisan soaps. Performance has never been better and there are more scents than you could ever think of.
  17. TacticalPanda

    Bar Soap that doesn't feel like it strips all the oil off your skin?

    I've gotten them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls in with the body care. Unfortunately I've never found their shave soap :(
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