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  1. RobAtSGH

    Jack Dean Anyone?

    Anyone out there a fan of Jack Dean Eau de Quinine? I bought it, tried it, did not like. :thumbdown If anyone's out there who digs the stuff, and you live in the lower 48, I'll send you a bottle minus one palmful. Just PM me.
  2. RobAtSGH

    Restoration #2: The Auction Box Couldn't Keep Me Down

    Along with the Larsen, this chunky Lane-era Charatan's Make bent pot made its way to my workbench. Again, unfortunately, no "before" pictures. This sucker was pretty grotty, however. Heavily caked. Rim was a grimy mess. The stem was... eech. Now it's rather presentable. Well balanced for the...
  3. RobAtSGH

    PIF: New Piper's Privilege

    Good people of the BL, I have been the beneficiary of both good fortune and skillful manipulation of pipe acquisition disorder. As such, I find myself well equipped with fine smoking pieces. However, I still hold dear my first pipes. And now with the pipe rack overflowing, it's time to pass...
  4. RobAtSGH

    A Dane Rises From the Dead, and it's not Hamlet.

    Rescued from the auction pile yesterday. No "before" pics, unfortunately. Some judicious reaming, rim cleaning, buffing, and stem de-oxidizing were required. But after a little bit of work, a cool piece. Larsen combination blast/smooth shape #119 handmade with original stem. The top is...
  5. RobAtSGH

    In the Cemetery, Late Fall, in Baltimore

    I went out and took an informal walking tour through historic Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore earlier today. Greenmount was one of the first American "rural" style cemeteries with rolling hills and meandering lanes, in contrast to the small churchyard graveyards. It is also home to memorial...
  6. RobAtSGH

    Black Teas: To Boil, or Not to Boil.

    I've seen two ways of thinking. 1) The way everyone's heard - fully oxidized (black/red) teas should be brewed with water just off the boil. Boil water, remove from heat, pour over tea leaves. 2) Water should never be boiled. Boiling drives too much oxygen out of the water and diminishes the...
  7. RobAtSGH

    I'm an SE Believer.

    Single-edge razors have never really been my first choice when I grab my daily shaving implement. They've been more of a curiosity - an interesting occasional change of pace. I was always able to get acceptable shaves out of them, but never as close as a good DE shaver with my regular Personna...
  8. RobAtSGH

    Shopping for a new espresso machine

    Back in 2003-ish, I bought a used Solis SL-90 for about $300. It did hearty service on my kitchen counter for about a decade before the pump seal started leaking. So, it has now gone to that great Appliance Graveyard in the Sky. While I'd love a Rancilio Silvia, I can't justify its price tag...
  9. RobAtSGH

    Today's Antique Shop RAD - Friday Razor Pics

    Poking through the cases just up the road, and we come across this unusual find: Schick Simplified Repeating Razor, model C-1. Needs a touch of spit and polish, but no bent teeth, has all its parts, and isn't pitted/corroded. Head in loading position, blade plunger extended. Loading...
  10. RobAtSGH

    Friday Surprise from the WABAC machine - Clubman!

    So, the missus gets a package in the mail today, and after opening it, she starts handing me little bubble wrapped bundles. Slicing them open, I find myself with a small collection of new-old-stock, tightly sealed 1.5 oz. glass sample bottles of Clubman. They came out of a sealed box...
  11. RobAtSGH

    Dinner tonight - Braised short ribs

    Beef short ribs, carrot, onion, celery, cremini 'shrooms, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, imperial stout, beef stock, and tomatoes. Thickened with bulgar wheat. Braising meat on the bone is just flavor magic. Ommegang Three Philosophers on the side. :thumbup:
  12. RobAtSGH

    New Shave Scuttle

    After I sent my last bit of pottery hurtling to the tile floor of the bathroom, I replaced it with this shave scuttle: Not too big to handle easily. Attractive earth-tone glazing with black interior. Bottom of the lather bowl is spiral-ridged to give extra surface area/texture. Good, solid...
  13. RobAtSGH

    Saturday Afternoon "While the Wife's at the Stylist" Score

    Down the street from where my wife gets her hair cut is a men's goods and vintage clothing store. Whenever I'm in the area, I always make a point of stopping in, because they usually have something interesting. So, while she was in the chair, I was browsing the racks. I was primarily looking for...
  14. RobAtSGH

    Proraso saves the day!

    The missus has been feeling a bit stuffy this evening. Fall allergies. She was looking for a bottle of eucalyptus and chamomile oil she uses with a vaporizer, and couldn't find it anywhere - either gone missing or all used up. Thinking quickly, I whisked a dollop of Proraso green into a bowl of...
  15. RobAtSGH

    Leather - what to do?

    I've got a leather bomber that's acquired a fair amount of personality over the years. It's got wear, patina, personality, and it's conformed itself to my frame. It's an open-bottom, heavyweight calfskin with shirt collar and snap cuffs, black (mostly). The problem, of course, is that the...
  16. RobAtSGH

    New Proraso Formulation Consistency

    Anyone noticing that the new Proraso Green formula seems to be "looser" than the old one? The old formula was more like toothpaste. The new stuff almost seems to "pour" out of the tube.
  17. RobAtSGH

    Friday Afternoon Day Off Antique Shop Score

    Ducked into the local junque shoppe this afternoon, and apart from a Dubl Duck Satinedge to restore, I snagged this for a very reasonable price: Opening it up, we find: Hello - a complete Gillette shaving kit. In good nick. A little work with a jeweler's cloth, and here we've got: Right...
  18. RobAtSGH

    Cream Replacement Misbehavior

    In a large storm prior to July 4th, we lost power for a week in the midst of a blistering heat wave. In the heat, I actually had the plastic caps crack and blow off of several tubes of shave cream. Strange. So, tonight I figured I'd place an order for some replacements. I fear I may have gone a...
  19. RobAtSGH


    So, at least once a year I seem to end up with a minor staph infection directly below my nose. Caught it early this time, and slathered on some antibiotic cream, but I can never seem to identify what triggers this. I didn't shave any closer or more aggressively, use a new product, prep...
  20. RobAtSGH

    Saturday Afternoon Antique Shop Scrounge.

    Today's catches: a 5/8 tortoise-shell Genco (Geneva Cutlery) "Vanadium" in really good nick. A little bit of cleaning and hone a new edge, and this one's in the rotation. No hone wear that I can tell, almost new condition. From the same shop, the guy behind the counter pulls out another plain...
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