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  1. Aaron622

    FS: Hamilton Pan Europ Automatic Watch

    I have for sale a Hamilton Pan Europ automatic watch, gray dial version. I purchased this watch new in January 2016, but it has seen little use since that summer. Overall the watch is in excellent condition and comes with box, manual, original leather strap with deployant buckle, strap...
  2. Aaron622

    FS: Tallow AOS Sandalwood / Proraso Red Cream

    Price drop to $12 shipped.
  3. Aaron622

    FS: Tallow AOS Sandalwood / Proraso Red Cream

    I have two sandalwood scented products that I'd like to sell as a lot. The first is tallow Art of Shaving Sandalwood soap. The soap weighs 80g meaning there is roughly 84% remaining, and it comes in a plastic tub. Next is Proraso Red shaving cream, with sandalwood and shea butter. I have...
  4. Aaron622

    FS: MdC/AOS tallow/CRSW/Coate's/QED Lot

    Cleaning out the den, and for sale are some soaps and creams that haven't been getting much use. I would really like to sell this as a lot but may eventually break it up if there is no interest. Art of Shaving: new, Sandalwood, tallow formula Cold River Soap Works: 75% remaing Oliva...
  5. Aaron622

    WTB: Santa Maria Novella shaving cream v3 sample

    I am looking to buy a sample of SMN shaving cream (also can trade Feather blades for some). I'm only interested in the latest V3 formula. Please PM me if you have any. Thanks.
  6. Aaron622

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    My latest RV creation. Excellent work as always.
  7. Aaron622

    Did Savile Row stop engraving brushes?

    Well, your best bet would be to just ask Charles at QED. However, I assure you that the older brushes had printed lettering. This is a pic from 2010 of one of my SR brushes, and you can see the lettering coming off (and it only got worse).
  8. Aaron622

    Did Savile Row stop engraving brushes?

    That looks like the old version with the higher loft to me. Hair looks very white as well. I haven't owned a Savile Row brush in many years, but the ones I did we all printed. Not sure it was ever officially confirmed that these brushes were made by Shavemac.
  9. Aaron622

    WTT: Myrsol Antesol aftershave

  10. Aaron622

    WTT: Myrsol Antesol aftershave

    I have the bottle of Myrsol Antesol aftershave below available for trade. I would like to trade for either a bottle of Myrsol Limon or Balsamica. PM me with any questions. Thanks.
  11. Aaron622

    WTT: Gentlemens Refinery Standard ASB

    I have a new bottle of The Gentlemens Refinery Standard after shave balm that I would like to trade straight up for the Unscented version. Please PM me if you have a bottle that are you are interested in trading. Thanks.
  12. p1020129


  13. Aaron622

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    25mm Muhle beehive on its way.
  14. Aaron622

    My two theories about shaving soap

    I just think Xillion just has good photography skills. I don't trust any lather whipped up like that in a bowl for visual effect.
  15. Aaron622

    NEW Santa Maria Novella - Reformulated

    How is that so? Looking at the ingredients list, there were trace amounts of lanolin at most. Probably better of using a balm that has lanolin rather than a wash off product anyway. All reports of the Penhaligon's indicate that they don't even function.
  16. Aaron622

    Muhle 2011 Synthetic...new, serious contender

    To me it looks like v1 on the left and v2 on the right. The v2 (at least mine) has a thinner dark band, and the color below it is whiter.
  17. Aaron622

    Favorite discontinued QED soap

    Are you sure these are actually discontinued and not just out of stock?
  18. Aaron622

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    I'm a huge fan of the Muhle STF brushes. This is my first one with the newer fibers, and I'm thoroughly impressed. It lathers even a bit better than the v1 fibers and it is a bit softer and less springy as well. I think everyone should at least give the latest round of synthetic brushes a...
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