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Search results

  1. jhclare

    Shavemac D01 two-band - best shape?

    Hi all, I've been drooling over people's Shavemacs for a while now. I have mixed opinions about Simpsons brushes (bulby, uneven knots, inconsistent QC) and Rooney (mainly shedding, and no longer available to buy in the UK once Executive Shaving runs out). So, it's time for me to try a...
  2. jhclare

    Boar brushes - why don't clipped hairs split?

    As above. I've always wondered this! Human hair splits over time after being cut, so why not boar hair? John
  3. jhclare

    Are reviews a waste of time?

    Hi Gents, As much as I love this hobby and reading the forums, I'm starting to believe that product reviews aren't as reliable as you would think. I think they should be taken with a large pinch of salt. The fact is, we all have different tastes and preferences, different faces and beards...
  4. jhclare

    It's Winter Beard Time

    Hi guys, This year I've decided to grow a beard for the colder months. This is something I like to do occasionally, but my other half has voiced her opinion that she likes me with stubble/full beard better than clean shaven! :w00t: I am going to compromise with her - I will do it on the...
  5. jhclare

    Which EDTs are known to be complex?

    Hi all, I'm a regular wearer of EDT/Cologne but I'm no expert by any means. My experience is very limited compared to some on here, however I have tried a few, both boutique and mass market. I'm finding with a lot of scents, I just don't get much complexity! Basically, I get the initial...
  6. jhclare

    Savile Row - how are the other grades?

    Hi all, I know Savile Row Silvertips are well regarded (I have owned several and love them!) but has anyone here tried any of their Best, or even Pure brushes? How do they compare? Thanks! John
  7. jhclare

    Anyone NOT like two-band?

    What with all this two-band talk at the moment, I wondered if anyone actually prefers regular Super/Silvertip grades? I'm testing a brush at the moment - a GT3. It says Best on the handle, but its appearance is definitely two-band, bulb-shape. It's a Duke 3 with Trumper's branding. I have to...
  8. jhclare

    Breaking in boars - questions!

    Hi all, Just some questions about boar brushes: We are always told we need to break in a boar, and that the ends will split making them softer. But, how come the ends aren't split already? Surely boars get wet and dry several times in their lives before their hair is used in a brush...
  9. jhclare

    Omega 11137 and 10005?

    Has anyone tried these brushes? http://www.omegabrush.com/english/dabarba/oggetto.php?id=50 http://www.omegabrush.com/english/dabarba/oggetto.php?id=48 I would like to know how these compare to the Semogue 1520/620, 1305 and LE 2009. My only experience with Omega has been the gigantic Pro...
  10. jhclare

    Savile Row Best vs. Shavemac Finest

    Ok, I know Charles won't admit it, but it seems people like to think that SRs are made made Shavemac. I have a 3122 and I love it, and want something similar with a little more backbone. Has anyone tried SR's in their Best grade? And how does this compare with Shavemac's Finest (both...
  11. jhclare

    I need help.....

    Hi all, Over the past couple of months I have been on a bit of a spree and have been trying a variety of brushes. Here is my current collection (excluding my boars). Left to right: Rooney 1/1 Super, Simpsons Duke 3 Best, Rooney Stubby 2, Simpsons Chubby 2 Super, Rooney Alibaba 2...
  12. jhclare

    Good alternative for the Semogue LE 2009?

    Hi all, I have an LE 2009 from Semogue, and for a boar I think it's great. They are all sold out now, so I was wondering which widely available boar brush is similar in dimensions, performance and face feel. So, how does the 2000 compare? And what about the Omega 31064? For the record...
  13. jhclare

    New shorter loft Savile Rows

    Hi all, I have had a 3824 and currently have a 3122, both in the older style. What is the general consensus of the new shorter loft brushes? Anyone care to update the Savile Row reviews? I'm tempted by a 3120 in the shorter loft! :thumbup: Regards, John
  14. jhclare

    Thoughts on brush variations and reviews

    Hi all, just repsonded to a thread which really got me thinking: We really must remember to take brush reviews with a pinch of salt. A review is for that member's particular sample of that brush, there is no guarantee that your brush will be exactly like theirs. For example, I've had three...
  15. jhclare

    Chubby vs. Stubby vs. Rooney Style 1

    So chaps, which do you prefer and why? Which one would win in a fight? Let's hear it, and some photos of all three together (of same size) would be great! :-) John
  16. jhclare

    Proraso Pre/Post vs. Liquid cream A/S

    Hi all, I have recently discovered the joys of Proraso soap (awesome - better then many of my more expensive soaps). I want to try one of their A/S products. So, how does the Pre/Post compare to the Liquid Cream ASB in terms of scent, feel and performance? Thanks! John
  17. jhclare

    Rooney Heritage Alibaba

    Hi all, I recently received an Alibaba 1. It looks superb, and the hair seems great. I have not used it. I feel I made the wrong decision and bought too small. For reference, I really liked the size of the 3/1 I had, so shall I go for the size 2 or 3, or another of the Heritage line...
  18. jhclare

    New QED website!

    At last.... www.qedusa.com Charles has updated his awful old site! :drool: About time! John
  19. jhclare

    Warm bath and bathroom - great shave!

    Hi, Just wondered if any of you have found the following. Normally, I shave after my shower, but recently have been taking more baths in the colder weather. Our bathroom is small and heats up pretty quick once the heating is on. I have found that a warmer room produces better...
  20. jhclare

    I must be dreaming

    Please tell me I am! :ohmy: https://www.secure-sales.org.uk/shavingshack/shop/product.php?productid=2906&cat=132&page=1
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