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  1. wurls

    Best Bay Rum?

  2. wurls

    1st Slant shave today

    Ok, shave #2 with my new Slant and all is perfect! No nicks, and BBS! Just wish I could put my Bulldog handle on my Merkur slant! :(
  3. wurls

    Make March = Croap Month

    RazoRock XXX!!! Nuff said!
  4. wurls

    A big "how the hell are ya! from north of the 49th

    North of the 49th eh? Where exactly? Chances are I've been there. Been up to the 75th parallel...
  5. wurls

    Fiance giving me heck for my AD

    Have your shave stuff shipped to your girlfriends house. Then bring the items into your house and blend it in with your usual stuff. Your wife will never know the difference! :biggrin1:
  6. wurls

    BAD Thing About a great DE shave

    I thought I was the only one with the wife who thinks I'm nuts to be this ecstatic and interested about DE shaving. Actually...she just told me that she doesn't think I'm crazy for talking about shaving with her (to which she has absolutely no interest in)...she thinks I'm utterly from another...
  7. wurls


    2 more converts this week...and counting!
  8. wurls

    RazoRock XXX replacement?

    Which places carry the Aqua Di Parma?
  9. wurls

    1st Slant shave today

    Thanks all. I'm going to give it a few more tries to get comfy with it, and hope it works out. So far, it was like my 1st shave with a regular DE...hacked up my neck with weepers, and the aftershave burned this time. I'll soldier on though!
  10. wurls

    1st Slant shave today

    I tried out a Slant today for the 1st time, after using closed comb DE's for about a year and a half now. I have to say that it was ok. The 1st noticeable difference was that there was less effort required on each stroke than there was before. I think I used a little too much pressure as I was...
  11. wurls

    Slant possibilities?

    Ok, I bought a Merkur Slant (37) and it comes apart completely different from the EJ heads that I have been using. My ideal setup has been an EJ head on an iKon Bulldog handle. Does anyone know if it's possible to fit an iKon Bulldog handle onto a Slant head, and if so, is it a Merkur Slant...
  12. wurls

    RazoRock XXX replacement?

    Guys, Not sure if this is a question for the creams or soaps forum, so I'm posting it on here. My favorite shaving cream/soap is the RazoRock XXX, and since it has been discontinued, I'd like to find out what other product comes close to replicating it. Any thoughts? P.S. I luckily stocked...
  13. wurls

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the B & B fellow Canuck! Great to have you here.
  14. wurls

    What are you using for a pre-shave?

    Have a hot shower. Next, apply hot face cloth several times to face (about 5-7 times). Then, I use this amazing stuff called MR.GLO (Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil) which is like a firm puck, and you apply it with your shave brush. It's a pre-shave soap. Work it into your whiskers really good...
  15. wurls

    How long does it take you to shave?

    I use a DE, and hot wash cloth (AKA hot towel). On top of hot towel compresses, I use a preshave (MR. GLO) which takes time too. In all, it takes me about 20 minutes with 3 passes. What works for me - hot tap water in the sink, let the face cloth soak for a bit, then use that water for 5 face...
  16. wurls

    How do you keep track of blade usage?

    Ok guys, I have the perfect solution!!! What I do, is take the DE wrapper and put a small rip/tear in it for each time I use that blade. I shave every other day, and use a blade 4-5 times, so I can't replace the blade on the same day of the week. I keep the wrapper in my shave bowl so I won't...
  17. wurls

    TRADITIONAL WET SHAVING: Why did you make the change?

    For me, I was sick and tired of paying what Gillette was charging for carts, and thought to myself that there has to be a better way. I poked around on the internet, and found that traditional DE razors were still being made, and for .15/blade, I thought I'd try it. I knew the initial...
  18. wurls

    New Shaving Items At WalMart

    Awesome! I kind of thought so. "You're not you when you're hungry". - Snickers.
  19. wurls

    Ultimate razor?

    I'll pipe in with my thoughts. I'm using an EJ head on an iKon Bulldog handle, and it works prety good for me. If there is something better out there, I haven't found it yet.
  20. wurls

    New Shaving Items At WalMart

    Hey! Anything made in Canada is just as solid as stuff made in the US. Canada doesn't make cheap Asian crap...if that's what you were implying.
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