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  1. MickToley

    How many of you are thinking about signing up for the 2014 Sabbatical?

    I will join either way. Self policing will be my thing. If I have a couple of exceptions like certain LE items or whatever then that's fine in my book. I'll be the only one to say if I'm out or not.
  2. MickToley

    Semogue Pronounciation?

    A post from the shave nook, made by Bruno from VintageScent.com
  3. MickToley

    Shavemac D01 2-band vs. SOC 2-band

    I find the Semogue 2 band to be more prickly than the D01, but releases lather well. As for the D01, it depends on the size of the knot you get, IMO. For instance, on my TSN LE with D01 2 band, it releases lather extremely well. On one of my other D01 2 bands with a larger knot size it took a...
  4. MickToley

    ID this Soap

    Not a problem, David.
  5. MickToley

    Shipping Old Spice Mug

    The way I box stuff like that is if I shake the box and the contents don't move then it's good to go.
  6. MickToley

    ID this Soap

  7. MickToley

    How old is your current Alum bar?

    Mine has been around since 2010. Probably 50% left.
  8. MickToley

    Show us your first post

    That's cool. I need to take the time and create a wiki page, too, one day.
  9. MickToley

    Show us your first post

    That's the one I found, but I think there might have been more before that, or maybe not.
  10. MickToley

    Show us your first post

    James, I checked both. There is an early one from 2010, not sure if it was my first, though.
  11. MickToley

    Show us your first post

    Cool thread. It's weird that I can only go as far back as 06/16/12. :confused1
  12. MickToley

    temjeito's shave journal (starting with very first SR shave!

    Check out my thread on the Ambra scent. At first all I was getting was brown lather, and I kept on saying to myself "this can't be the color of the lather". I just kept adding water and I eventually got it right. However, I do think that different scents require amounts of water because not all...
  13. MickToley

    temjeito's shave journal (starting with very first SR shave!

    I have a bunch of her creams, it took me at least five times to get the lather right on these. Once you do, you'll love it.
  14. MickToley

    New shaving soap "discovery"

    Aftershaves? I haven't seen these.
  15. MickToley

    New shaving soap "discovery"

    No problem, enjoy. :001_smile No, the owner is not from Brooklyn, I am, though. The owner is from Illinois.
  16. MickToley

    Seagrapes Studio sample PIF - 3 winners

    To me it smells like a yellow starburst. Randall, this pif has been closed already.
  17. MickToley

    Zimmerman Verdict - READ POST #34

    I think they'll find him guilty.
  18. MickToley

    Bay Rum Shaving Soap?

    Too much clove in Mike's. I like Mundus' bay rum, since it is light on the clove, Barrister & Mann would also be a choice of mine since they don't use clove.
  19. MickToley

    Calani soaps - anywhere to purchase other than RoyalShave?

    Straight from the source. http://www.calani-seifenmanufaktur.de/epages/62164854.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62164854/Categories/Rasierseifen
  20. MickToley


    Nice little candies with the order, too. :biggrin1:
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