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Search results

  1. kcb5150

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Nowill & Sons Sheffield. MOP scales. The regrind is unfortunate, but the scales are awesome.
  2. kcb5150

    Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

    Sg 2.6488
  3. kcb5150

    Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

    Wasn't out that much but deeply unpleasant...
  4. kcb5150

    Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

    It's like 7 5/32x1 29/32x1 5/32 and it is sort of cut slightly lopsided in both axes. It didn't show any signs of upkeep or heavy use really besides the dings. It seems sloppily dimensionally for norton.
  5. kcb5150

    Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

    Just showed up. Going to be a lot of work to clean up but the sort of cow patterning is awesome on this...
  6. kcb5150

    Best German Vintage Straight Razors?

    A tuckmar special is near an inch but expensive. The tuckmar tee is an awesome razor also. The 13/16 Ern ATOR is a wonderful thing.
  7. kcb5150

    Best German Vintage Straight Razors?

    I like Tuckmar.
  8. kcb5150

    tam o'shanter hone 4"

    Given the general speed of tams, unless it is for fine work like smoothing joints where you need the rods more is definitely more. I enjoy them with razors... I should say, I enjoy those massive dual hones I have with razors as I can pretty much do a no slurry progression provided I lead into...
  9. kcb5150

    Rock hounds??

    Cutting it would be a shame, you so rarely see such from factors.
  10. kcb5150

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    It has really heavy draw. I used to have one slightly under 5x2 I sold to a friend that looked similar to this but was glued. The bbw had lots of pinhead white dots. This one's a little different though. The draw is really interesting as it feels dead smooth and it has some citting power but I...
  11. kcb5150

    Toggle Inflation?

    I have a feeling they are charging final value fee on the sales tax they collect that we obviously never see in our money and not saying so. If they are there will probably be a class action someday
  12. kcb5150

    FS: Barbasol Floating Head Razor

    That's a great price for one of those....
  13. kcb5150

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    Just outnof lapping. Looks like a piece of wood. Natural combo. Not really hard at all. Came in an ancient paddle.
  14. kcb5150

    Toggle Inflation?

    Inflation isn't helping, nor are ebay's filthy lies about lower fees under managed payments that actually seem a twinge higher somehow. It seems like people are factoring this into asks lately
  15. kcb5150

    What do people think of cast steel + Restoration

    My early razors with cast steel have been all over the place as far as hardness. Some have been maybe a step soft vs typical Sheffield steel, others similar, while some have been surprisingly hard.
  16. kcb5150

    Are Shapton Glass stones the best low-mid grit razor hones?

    If I had to go all synth I would probably go all shapton glass until I got to the finishing grits. I like the speed, size of the honing surface, hardness/wear resistance, the consistency of scratches, and the true splash and go nature. I also think it is quite slick how many grits can store so...
  17. kcb5150

    Your rarest razor

    Found a solution.
  18. kcb5150

    WTB Filarmonica 14 Straight Razors (matching 7 or 5+2 required)

    For 1000usd you may be able to get 7 plain jane random 14s in good condition over a length of time sniping but not filarmonicas
  19. kcb5150

    Identifying (probably) a vintage Gillette razor

    It looks like a regular fatboy
  20. kcb5150

    Open Comb Clix

    No, but I needed to see which variant I needed to sort a razor out that used clix heads both being new york based. Turns out it was a hybrid comb version. Idk if clix even sold this as a clix or someone else used it under another brand.
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