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  1. Neilzebub

    I'm shocked, shocked (Sharked?) I tell you.

    So today, just for the halibut, I decided to try one of the Shark super stainless I've had in my stash for ages (along with the chrome and platinums). Loaded it up in my Razorock SLOC and proceeded to have a damn fine shave, quite possibly my best to date. Considering all the disparaging...
  2. Neilzebub

    Going to try a Frankenrazor.

    Tomorrow's experiment: SLOC cap, R41 base plate and Razorock titanium Halo handle.
  3. Neilzebub

    TFS Rasozero 1KG Blocks

    I'm sure I saw a thread where someone described the best ways to store unused portions. Damned if I can find them though. Short of vacuum sealing, what are some of the best methods? Thanks in advance.
  4. Neilzebub

    Great deal on Merkur Futur 3 piece set.

    Mods, if links are not permitted please remove. This vendor (no affiliation) offers free shipping to US and Canada $99 and over. At $225 Canadian for this you're practically stealing it. Available in both polished chrome and satin...
  5. Neilzebub

    Neilzebub's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Neil Rich What are your nicknames/aliases? Grrrvert Where do you live? Toronto What is your age (or) generation? 57 What are you in the real world? Imaginary friend What is your favorite shave setup? So far Muhle R106, Personna Platinum, Fendrihan...
  6. Neilzebub

    Great deal on Proraso in Toronto.

    I haven't seen it in their other locations but the Metro at Keele & Lawrence is selling the Proraso green soap for five bucks. Have a feeling it's old stock as some seemed to be in good condition and others not so much.
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