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Search results

  1. shavefan

    Is Tabac worth blind buying?

    Every time I buy a new to me soap it's a "blind" buy Yes. No. Probably. Word on the street is, go for the stick. But the tallow version. Maybe.
  2. shavefan

    Opinions on Ethos?

    Just shows YMMV. . . I was initially turned off of veggie soaps years ago after trying a few from RR and Klar. SV made me rethink that and now is a top performer in my den (along with MdC).
  3. shavefan

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    A couple nights ago was grilled London broil with basil chimichurri. . .
  4. shavefan

    Strongest Citrus scent?

    +1 for Mike's Lime and Castle Forbes Lime Also, limited run(s) but Jabonman (Eufros) Mediterraneo is a full on citrus blast, and a great performer.
  5. shavefan

    Where is the Tallow?!

    You could try distilled water too. I'm not sure about the baking soda, doesn't that make it more alkaline?
  6. shavefan

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    We haven't had pasta in a while, so I made a batch of meat sauce last night. . .
  7. shavefan

    Let’s Talk Mustard!!!

    I started a new batch this morning. . .
  8. shavefan

    Celebrate tomato season with these recipes

    I'm so jealous of those that can grow tomatoes. I gave up after years of trying, always blight and very low yields. Thank goodness for farmers markets! I can't deal with grocery store 'maters.
  9. shavefan

    PIF of Talbot Soap, Courtesy of West Coast Shaving

    Very generous PIF! Respectfully not in as I am more than set for soaps.
  10. shavefan

    Which cartridge razor/disposable razor did you use today and how many shaves?

    Gillette SkinGuard (30) Well, I think that's going to do it for this cart. Definitely tugging on this last shave, time to retire it to the bin. I'm perfectly happy with 30 shaves and IMO the SkinGuard offers very good performance overall. Next up will be my go-to cart, the Mach 3.
  11. shavefan

    Where is the Tallow?!

    I'm curious too. Some reformulations have been a disaster, while others have been better than the original. In other news. . . Belize used to be known as British Honduras 🤷‍♂️
  12. shavefan

    Where is the Tallow?!

    It could be for environmental reasons. Beef is considered by many to be detrimental to the environment. Although Palm oil has its issues too. Who knows, I have no dog in this race as I tried Tabac many years ago and didn't like the scent and the performance didn't wow me either. I have both...
  13. shavefan

    National Chicken Finger Day

    Chili, chips, fingers, Corona. . . doesn't get much better! Which restaurant?
  14. shavefan

    Which cartridge razor/disposable razor did you use today and how many shaves?

    Gillette SkinGuard (29) Twenty nine shaves in and it is starting to get just a bit rough.
  15. shavefan

    Do you have a signature scent?

    Racing fuel don't need no *bleepin*' fuel additive! 😤 :001_smile
  16. shavefan

    Let’s Talk Mustard!!!

    I forgot, I have some SB Oriental mustard (Japan) in the pantry
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