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  1. DM.Aelis

    Recommend me a Golden Knot!

    Alright gents, I'm looking to upgrade from my Omega Boar brush. Not really justified in doing so because it is already such a great brush; but I'd like to PIF to a friend who could do well with getting into wetshaving, and I'd love an excuse to get in on a nice badger brush. But I'm afraid...
  2. DM.Aelis

    Damn, feels good to be a gangsta.

    I just thought I would share my utter delight. Though I'm not really a gangster. But I am unofficially a badass (by virtue of shaving with a straight). This morning. First time I've had a full straight shave that was really really great, which is my second full face/neck shave ever. So...
  3. DM.Aelis

    CrOX versus canvas?

    I'm currently running just a TM Artisan Latigo/Canvas 3" strop. It's a work of art; love it! I currently do not own a "pasted strop" but would like to throw some green CrOX paste on something to refresh my straight. 1) Does CrOX (.5 micron green paste I do believe) work a much finer...
  4. DM.Aelis

    Wetshaving advice for a black friend?

    One of my best college buddies is a black man with obvious razor bump problems on his neck. Ingrown hairs, etc. I know he's had his qualms with shaving fusion-foam style. I think he's also self conscious about the whole thing. How can I "convert" him to wetshaving in a courteous/gentle...
  5. DM.Aelis

    Obligatory "First Straight Shave" Post

    So, this is long overdue. You guys, the B&B community, have absolutely spoiled me. Under your tutelage I have not only upgraded my DE ways but I have fallen in love with the art of straight shaving. It's not an art for me yet :wink: Or maybe it is, in the reductionist-modernist sense...
  6. DM.Aelis

    Thank you, B&B!

    Ever had one of those really, really exceptional shaves? Like the ones that make you thank God you're a man that grows tough follicles all over your face, just so that you have the pleasure of cutting them off like it ain't nobody's business? I had that shave one hour ago. I am a cyclist...
  7. DM.Aelis

    Top Five for a Noob?

    Hello all; new to the forum! I'm Isaiah, a college sophomore and a jaded shaver who's mad as hell at my electric shaving ***. : ) I came to B&B for some culture and a window into what shaving SHOULD be. My Grandpa is an old-school straight razor kind of guy, but he never bothered to...
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