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Search results

  1. Alejandro1969

    Show us your razors!

    With so many razors on the market over the last decade it's hard not to get bamboozled with choice. This is my razor block, handmade and crude but it does the job! The Razor Block, sounds like Razorock! You can see that all the holes are occupied except for one! What will fill that down the...
  2. Alejandro1969

    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    Hello gents, hope you're all well. As you can see, curiosity got the better of me and I had to order a Fatip Testina Gentile in gold no less. Now, I already own a Piccolo, Grande, (both of which are OC) and a recent addition to the Fatip family, the Lo Storto slant, which I cannot praise highly...
  3. Alejandro1969

    Fatip Lo Storto OC Slant - Review

    Well gents, I just had to try the Fatip Lo Storto (the crooked) as I always wanted a slant. I had my first shave with it today and what a shave it was. I'd a BSS in three passes, it's as close as a Muhle R41 without the roughness, and as close as a Muhle R94 Rocco without the price! While my...
  4. Alejandro1969

    Vintage Razor Adverts

    I was flicking through a Readers Digest from the 50s when I saw this wonderful advert for Gillette Superspeed. Does anyone else have any from old magazines and not from Google as that’s cheatibg! Aftershave adverts welcome too!
  5. Alejandro1969


    I love looking at shave dens! Bring ‘em on!
  6. Alejandro1969


    It’s December 31 and somebody’s right here is pretty happy after just receiving some new shave goodies from Shaving.ie!!! The Muhle Rocco is stunning in reality. I can’t wait to shave with this new gear!
  7. Alejandro1969

    Wilkinson Sword Double Edge TTO

    Hi everyone, It's been over 5 years since I've been on here! Unbelievable really, but I haven't returned to cart shaving, I'm still a big DE man and it's only recently I decided to buy some new stuff. I've been using Fatip OC and Muhle R41 since 2012 and mainly Proraso soaps and balms. I'm...
  8. Alejandro1969

    Wilkinson Sword Soap Puck Review

    Hello gents, it's been a while since I logged in here as I was super-busy. I thought I may as well contribute something worthwhile as I was at it. I was in Tesco buying a few Palmolive soaps sticks (the best a man can really get for €0.65) when this Wilki tub caught my eye. I had seen...
  9. Alejandro1969

    Xmas stocking!

    So gents Xmas is around the corner and I just pulled the trigger tonight on stock for my shave den! Share with us what you are getting yourselves this year. Of course, Xmas is the best excuse ever for shave related goodies, we all know that! My list is as follows! 2 X Valobra Soap Sticks 1 X...
  10. Alejandro1969

    Maguire's Barbershop Newcastle, England

    I was amazed a few days ago to see Maguire's Barbershop are back and have a great new website. There was some malarkey on 'the bay' last year I remember. This was a 'bay' shop that I always wished had a website outside of the 'bay' and here it is. It's a dream come true. I've been stuck on it...
  11. Alejandro1969

    Omega Synthetic 46751

    This caught my eye!, the handle of course is stunning but I've never used a synthetic brush. Can anybody explain what they are like?
  12. Alejandro1969

    Rubie Or Not Rubie!

    I have in my possession two packets of Gillette Rubie blades. They are both made in Russia but the art work is slightly different! It says they are both made by PCT. The top pack was bought from a vendor is the U.S. and the bottom pack from a vendor is Russia. Are these the same blade? Rubie...
  13. Alejandro1969


    I got these in a sample pack of mainly Rapira blades from a Russian trader in Moscow. Where are Schick blades made?
  14. Alejandro1969

    GILLETTE Stainless

    Are these a new addition to the St. Petersburg range? Found them on 'the bay' from a seller in Romania.
  15. Alejandro1969

    Omega Alum

    How sexy is this? Gotta get it right now!!!
  16. Alejandro1969

    Peter Gabriel with Gillette Tech

    I found this pic from the early 70s of Peter Gabriel shaving the wrong part of his body with a Gillette Tech! Peter stop, all you need shave is your face!
  17. Alejandro1969


    Saw these on the bay from a Turkish vender, and they sell for about $10 per 100. Does anybody know anything about them? Mem Super Silver Platinum
  18. Alejandro1969

    English Leather!

    Popped this at Walmart last month when visiting the U.S. I had no way of sampling it as it was factory sealed. I'm not to gone on it but at $8 it didn't break the bank! The scent is kinda 70s and would probably scare off the modern woman, provoking thoughts of axe murdering psycho at one whiff...
  19. Alejandro1969

    Family Dollar and Dollar General DE Blades

    During a recent trip to Arizona I came across DE Blades in both Family Dollar and Dollar General. It says they are made in South Korea so is it a fair assumption that they are Dorco blades?
  20. Alejandro1969

    Anyone for Stetson?

    I picked this up in Walmart for around 5 bucks. It's not bad once it settles and smells rather like an expensive cologne!
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