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  1. Shamejedi

    Gunter Wilhelm

    Would any of you be able to opine on Gunter Wilhelm brand kitchen knives? They're camped out at my Costco this week, and the prices are pretty darn low for the knives they're selling. The knives are hefty, look good, and fit my hands well. They claim to be designed in the USA, forged in...
  2. Shamejedi

    Oil shaving question: how do I stretch my faced when it's lubed?

    SWMBO started oil cleansing recently, so I took advantage of her considerable supply of various oils to make a small batch of shave oil. At first, I figured that I'd just use it as a pre-shave. It ended up having a decent enough viscosity and glide that I decided to try shaving with it alone...
  3. Shamejedi

    Celebrate the small joys!

    1) I have been requested to cook a rack of venison on the grill for Christmas Eve dinner. :001_smile 2) My Georgetown G5 scuttle is waiting for me at the UPS Depot. :biggrin1: 3) I arranged to walk past the new local Penhaligon's dealer last night on the way to SWMBO's office party. Of...
  4. Shamejedi

    Zeva? Is this interesting for anything but looking at?

    I was buying a Christmas tree topper at a local antique store and, just on a lark and because my SCAD isn't enough of an affliction to keep me from flirting with other ADs, I asked if they had any shaving stuff. The owner directed me towards a case with a few shelves of mugs, strops, DEs, SEs...
  5. Shamejedi

    SWMBO says, "Go ahead and order yourself a scuttle." I am the luckiest man alive.

    Soooo, TWBW has been working very hard at her new job and just didn't have time to buy me a birthday present. When she brought it up, I downplayed it completely because it really didn't bother me and I know what she's been going through since changing jobs. She felt bad though, and said, "I...
  6. Shamejedi

    CO Bigelow Bay Rum Cologne back in production

    I tried a sample of this from another B&B member and considered myself lucky because it was out of production, and folks on-line are trying to sell it for more than $90/bottle. It's available from the COB website now for $29.50...
  7. Shamejedi

    Grilled oysters, anyone?

    I'm planning on getting a few dozen oysters for Thanksgiving and thought grilling them might be a nice touch. There doesn't seem to be a consensus among the on-line recipes I've looked at as to whether they should be shucked before grilling or not. Some recipes say the shells will open on...
  8. Shamejedi

    Rite of Passage: Shave Den Installation.

    SWMBO went for it. I told her I could keep my bathroom much more organized if only I could get some shelves from Ikea...she never guessed that what I really wanted was to take my growing hoard out of hiding from the drawers and under the vanity. This was my reward for installing an entire...
  9. Shamejedi

    U.S. Military Active Service PIF -- A Veteran's Day "Thank You".

    Technically, I'm an hour and a half past Veteran's Day, but it was that kind of day. (Hey, I guess it's still Veteran's Day in Colorado and further west.) As a small display of gratitude for the brave men and women who keep my family safe and my nation secure, I'd like to offer a PIF for...
  10. Shamejedi

    Recommended prep for first-time removal of full beard?

    I've been shaving with a DE for about 2 1/2 months now, and fairly early on I bought an inexpensive but nicely restored Henckels Friodur 5/8 half-hollow that a B&B member rescaled in olivewood. I figured I would hold her in reserve for the day I finally felt ready to try a straight (in my...
  11. Shamejedi

    Am I in trouble?

    Fact: I have recently been self-diagnosed with raging cases of SS/SCAD and ASAD. Fact: A store less than 15 minutes from where I live now carries the entire range of Penhaligon's shaving products. Query: Is there any harm in me going in just to smell a few things and maybe try to score some...
  12. Shamejedi

    Shamejedi's Hall of Fame Entry

    ------------------------------------------------------------------- Username: Shamejedi What is your real name? Richard What are your nicknames/aliases? Rich. To answer the question I've been asked since first grade: No, you may not call me "Dick" unless you wish to be party to an affair...
  13. Shamejedi

    Coming out of the shadows.

    Hi folks, I've been lurking for a few weeks, and finally came out of the shadows for the Septmber Lurker PIF that HDStreetGlide is so graciously sponsoring...
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