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  1. MattR

    Proraso canned foam

    Anyone used the proraso canned foam? Bought a travel size to use on business trips and will report back at end of the month on its performance. Just interested if anyone else has used it already?
  2. MattR

    Review by '' on item 'Edwin Jagger Handmade Medium Super Badger Brush'

    Picked one of these up last week in The English Shaving Co's specials section. Price was excellent but I rated on the regular retail price. I upgraded from my Omega Boar brush, which is actually not too far away in softness after 6months of daily use. Haver to say though that this little...
  3. MattR

    Annoying spots!

    I’ve noticed that I regularly get a series of 2 or 3 small spots in a row going across my cheek about mid-way down. They are pretty small and aren’t in-grown hairs because I can see the hair quite clearly. They are more a sort of irritated follicle. If I squeeze them they do get better but...
  4. MattR

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

    Easy: Merkur HD Proraso green tub soap Omega boar brush (may have to upgrade to the badger as this ones handle is cracking) Astra Superior Platinum (green packs) Proraso AS splash Easy 'cos that's what I already settled on and have been using just this set up for about two months.
  5. MattR

    Review by '' on item 'Proraso Shaving Soap'

    Just switched from the Proraso white tub (ultra sensitive), and before that L’Occitane Cade soap. This is the best product of that mix by far. I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m very happy. It provides great cushion and lubrication without being too slippery and, as others have...
  6. MattR

    Man, modern consumerism is problematic (where to find brushes?)

    Why don't you use the over priced specialty stores to sample the brushes then go buy them on-line? You can always tell the store that's what you plan to do once you've tested them; that way you feedback the competition into the market.
  7. MattR

    My Journey towards a BBS dream: W/Photos. (Warning, not for the faint-hearted)

    OK first thing before you shave that new growth you’ve been painfully nurturing for a while now, map your beard again visually. Get someone else to help you if necessary. The reason I say this is that my beard actually grows at a slightly different angle to the way that it appears. I have to...
  8. MattR

    Proctor and Gamble has purchased Art of Shaving

    For heaven’s sake people! Anyone would think that this was the end of the world as we know it. Do you folks walk around with sandwich boards and placards of a Saturday? Look, this is going to happen more and more and I’m afraid it’s partly (Well actually quite significantly) our fault. You...
  9. MattR

    Shave with Babe in arms

    Very true. Memories of my son's fascination with my chest hair still conjure up painful memories.
  10. MattR

    Shave with Babe in arms

    Venom, We are on the same wavelength. My 2 year old son spent most of his early mornings in the bathroom with me as well, I figured he was safer in there with me than by himself in another part of the house - (I look after the kids for the first hour or so before I go to work so my wife can...
  11. MattR

    Shave with Babe in arms

    Just wanted to share a new milestone in my wet shave journey. My 4month old daughter was very grouchy this morning and wanted holding by her Daddy. I was in the middle of my second pass but I couldn't just ignore her so I carried on my shave whilst holding her in the crook of my left arm...
  12. MattR

    Newbie Looking for Advice--Very Sensitive Skin

    I have also got sensitive skin that's prone to ingrowns. After a few months of trying alsorts of combos I have come to the conclusion that you need to keep it simple. I now just use Proraso white soap, and their ASB (the white non-alcoholic milky one). No other oils/face scrubs or washes. I...
  13. MattR

    Hitting a slump, please help...

    I had a similar situation with bumps and break outs recently. SWMBO advised I take it back to basics and do what I did when I was getting good shaves. The advice worked. Turned out I'd been adding steps to my routine which just made my skin freak out becasue it wasn't used to all the...
  14. MattR

    Thoughts/words of encouragement

    +1 regarding your experience with washing with soap prior to a shave. I started using a facial cleanser that was supposed to be very gentle and for sensitive skin about 4 or 5 weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago I got the most ridiculous break out of bumps you have ever seen. It was my wife who...
  15. MattR

    Any one had a Shave at Geo F Trumpers?

    Has anyone had experience of the shave and face massage service from Geo. F. Trumpers in London? I’m thinking of buying my brother in law the experience for his birthday in a couple of weeks. It’s pricey but I think he’ll appreciate it. I know I would! If anyone’s...
  16. MattR

    Alum Blocks - are they worth it?

    I have a styptic and from what I read that's what most people are using them for, so I may just stick to that. I don't generally suffer from burn only on very rare occasions when I get carried away and haven't had any nicks for ages (fully expect to get a face full of 'em tomorrow now!). I was...
  17. MattR

    Tea Tree oil for preshave?

    Be very careful with Tea Tree oil. you MUST dilute it. If you don't it will burn your skin.
  18. MattR

    Alum Blocks - are they worth it?

    Does anyone have experience of using an Alum block? Are they worth the money? Are they any good if you have sensitive skin? I read that they can help keep bumps at bay as well as put out any irritation but they are a bit on the expensive side. Your advice is appreciated.
  19. MattR

    Getting lots of nicks after switching to Mach 3

    Going up on your lip is almost certainly against the grain (AGT). If you've been using an electric until now your skin will not be used to the action a blade imparts on it and will be prone to irritaion and cuts. For the next 4 weeks or so just shave down, which is with the grain (WTG). After...
  20. MattR

    Red neck spots?

    Most likely a technique issue, in particular too much pressure combined with going ATG/XTG too early. I had the same issue for months and couldn't work out why. I had to let my beard grow out for a few days and then map my neck - quite a surprise what those whiskers do down there! I assumed...
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