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Search results

  1. Gdawgs

    The best vanilla aftershave opinions please

    Stirling's Vanilla Sandalwood is excellent.
  2. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Gone :(

    It's probably old news around here, but I just noticed Mickey Lee closed shop. They were one of my favorites, especially Grand Havana, so I'm pretty bummed. For those who have used/smelled Grand Havana, do you know of any direct replacement scents out there?
  3. Gdawgs

    Is Henri et Victoria

    I smells almost exactly like Carmex lip balm to me.
  4. Gdawgs

    Stupid question to ask. So bare with me.

    I see that Chiseled Face now has Bay Rum. Has anyone tried it yet?
  5. Gdawgs

    Looking for new aftershave.

    I'm a big fan of Stirling(lots of scents to choose from, almost too many), Mickey Lee (The Kracken and Grand Havana), and Chiseled Face(Ghost Town Barber, Sherlock). I always recommend getting some samples from Maggards before buying a full size bottle though. But you can spend a lot of money...
  6. Gdawgs

    Stirling Aftershave Sampler

    I've tried Piacenza and Blu. Piacenza is good, very citrusy. I wasn't impressed with Blu. Maybe the sample I got was a bad batch or something, but it was basically unscented. It had a very faint smell, but it only lasted a few minutes, which is unlike all the other Stirlings I've tried. My...
  7. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Unforgiven

    The Unforgiven arrived in the mail today. It's decent, but not something I would buy again. To me, it smells like campfire smoke mixed with their Grand Havana scent(even though the description of Unforgiven doesn't mention tobacco). (FYI, Grand Havana is one of my all time favorite...
  8. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Unforgiven

    Thanks for the info. I checked out a couple videos, and I think I'm going to go for it.
  9. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Unforgiven

    Yeah. I may have to gamble on this one and give it a try.
  10. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Unforgiven

    Has anyone tried Mickey Lee's Unforgiven? Sounds like something I'd like, but it's so hard to go off of descriptions. Just wondering if anyone has it and could offer and more description on the scent. I'm a huge fan of Mickey Lee stuff, but not sure if I want to buy a full bottle...
  11. Gdawgs

    Your Top 10 Aftershaves

    Today, something like this. Might be different tomorrow. As you can see, I'm a big fan of the artisans out there. Mickey Lee - Grand Havana Mickey Lee - The Kraken Stirling - Sandpiper Stirling - Mountain Man PAA - Cavendish Chiseled Face - Ghost Town Barber Chiseled Face - Sherlock Fine -...
  12. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    I bought the 6C after trying out the 6S because I was so impressed with the S, and everyone said the C is as good as the S. I'm in the minority, but I haven't been impressed with the C. The first one I got stripped out(the internal threads in the handle) when I changed out the first blade I...
  13. Gdawgs

    Strongest tobacco scent

    Mickey Lee's Grand Havana is excellent. My bottle is running low and it saddens me.
  14. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    Well, after chasing BBS with my other razors and just not getting there(with plenty of irritation), I was missing the 6S. So I pulled the trigger on a 6C today. Hopefully it will work as well as the 6S.
  15. Gdawgs

    Rockwell 6s first impressions

    I just got done using the 6s in the pass around. I really liked it. Plate 6 was for me. I couldn't get close enough with the others. I actually wish they made a 7&8 plate. I think I'm going to pick up a 6C.
  16. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    Hooray for plate 6! I think you are going to love it.
  17. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    Shave #4 -- Stirling soap, Kai blade. I decided not to mess around with starting mild today and started off with plate #6, since it feels so mild. Like I mentioned before, things get "grabby" if I start with a razor that's too aggressive with two days growth. But not with the 6S, even with...
  18. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    Shave #3 - I decided to change things up a bit. I used my own homemade soap, a Rockwell blade, and just for kicks I started with the #1 plate to see if it did anything. After several strokes with the #1, I gave up on it. For me, it's completely useless. I then went to #3 for my first pass...
  19. Gdawgs

    L&L Bandwagon Splash

    Is the Bandwagon scent similar to any other scents out there, or is it another "barbershop" scent that's hard to describe?
  20. Gdawgs

    The ROCKWELL 6s Razor Tour Pass-Around.....

    Shave 2 -- I replicated what I did with my first shave to see if I'd get similar results(same soap, same blade, same bathtub, first pass with plate #4, then switched to #6). Very similar results. Not quite as close in my trouble spots, but I'd say BBS on 90% of my face, DFS on the rest. I...
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