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Search results

  1. NicFreeman

    Need Your Vote for Safety Razor of the Month - Merkurs - May 2012

    My favourite is definitely the black and white mergress
  2. NicFreeman

    Good advice on pencils

    That might be 2000 words more than I thought could ever be written on sharpening pencils - impressive...and informative
  3. NicFreeman

    Blind test #7 - Med Prep vs Iridium Super

    Nice, I was patiently waiting for another blind test - thanks Oscroft
  4. NicFreeman

    DR Harris Arlington is amazing!

    Just got some Arlington soap, already had some of the cream, so I knew I loved the scent, but lathering up the soap is much nicer.
  5. NicFreeman

    What is the recidivist rate for new DE shavers? Straight shavers?

    I'm pretty sure that the population of B&B is going to significantly skew these results. I wouldn't think there are too many people who switched to DE, joined B&B, switched back to carts and still post here.
  6. NicFreeman

    If facial hair grew faster....would we still shave?

    Mmm, shaving twice a day...or more - fantastic
  7. NicFreeman

    Homemade shaving stand and display of my new "affliction"

    Nice looking stand - great work!
  8. NicFreeman

    Shaving every day?

    Beem shaving every day now for 2 months with DEs - before that, with cartridges, I was a MWF guy.
  9. NicFreeman

    Why are you interested in Shaving?

    Really? I don't make a habit of talking about shaving, but if someone else brings it up, I will provide my thoughts. My experience is that most people think it's kind of strange and are happy to leave me to my own devices. I couldn't imagine getting negative comments on the way I personally...
  10. NicFreeman

    UK made "traditional" shaving soap comparison - incoming

    Great read, thanks for your effort cvac - makes me feel good about the puck of DRH Arlington ordered this morning
  11. NicFreeman

    Needed: Tutorial on using a scuttle

    Just got my DB 1.5 and haven't used any other brands, so I can't compare them for you. But man, do I love the DB. I don't think I would want any smaller than the 1.5 either, definitely not too big. I use it on the counter, I think it would be too heavy when filled with water to hold in your hand...
  12. NicFreeman

    Skin Food During a Shave?

    I also read that post, but seem to recall that the skin food was the only product used during pass, nothing else used as lather. I haven't tried the GFT skin food yet, but good to know that it worked well for you in this application.
  13. NicFreeman

    I got the RADS.

    This is most impressive - good work
  14. NicFreeman

    Curious about your $$$ invested in this hobby.

    I'm almost 2 months in now, started the beginning of March and I'm about $600 or so. Looking for a nice brush and want to try some soaps, as I've just been using creams so far. So I see this number going up shortly. Count me in for the 2013 Shave Purchase Sabbatical
  15. NicFreeman

    Gillette's Facebook site

    It definitely takes me longer now vs. canned goo and a cart, but I like it. I have 15-20 mins in the morning to pamper myself and my face. That's infinitely more valuable than the 10 extra minutes I saved before the switch.
  16. NicFreeman

    If I can't find a birth year SS am I never going to get a BBS?

    I've been casually looking for an F-3 since I started DE shaving - I'm hoping to come across one eventually - either a SS or an adjustable.
  17. NicFreeman

    Your BEST shot

    Love this one - great shot - the colours are fantastic
  18. NicFreeman

    30 Days Of...

    Way too new to committ to anything right now, there's so much I want to try, but definitely subscribed to this thread and I'm off to find 3017 now.
  19. NicFreeman

    Anyone else lather their face on days you dont shave...

    +1 - I'm shaving daily, but using witch hazel in the evenings before bed
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