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Search results

  1. haloj

    PIF: Free straight razor starter kit

    Wonderful PIF! I've had straights on my list of to-try for some time now, but have resisted because of the unknown of honing and stropping. This would be a great way to dabble into this world with minimal risk. I'm in. Thanks!
  2. haloj

    December 21st Thread

    End of the world of course. ;)
  3. haloj

    So...Who keeps Fishes?

    Here is the reef I had setup until this summer. I have a 1 year old and travel quite a bit for work, so my schedule doesn't allow for it anymore, but I will get back into it someday. I shall call it a leave of absence.
  4. haloj

    New Cigar Book on the Shelf- "Churchill Style: The Art of being Winston Churchill"

    I purchased and read this book this past summer. Being an avid Churchill and cigar buff, i really enjoyed it. The book is different than most other Churchill biographies out there. It is less about events and reflects more on Churchill's tastes in clothing, cigars, imbibing, writing, travel...
  5. haloj

    need an American whiskey recommendation. from a scotch drinker.

    +1 on Woodford Reserve. I am mainly a scotch drinker and find Bourbon to be be a bit sweeter and more "gruff", but I have Woodford in the cabinet and enjoy having it in the rotation.
  6. haloj

    Favorite AOS Scent

    Absolutely the sandalwood. These is possibly my favorite shaving cream in any of my rotation.
  7. haloj

    Beautiful Replated Fatboy

    That is gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy.
  8. haloj

    Flea market buys!

    Great find, that is beautiful!
  9. haloj

    Wilkinson Swords at Walmart

    The case that the blades are in is the same for me, but the actual cardboard packaging is different. Mine was white, black and yellow. They also show Made in Germany. For reference, I live in Canada.
  10. haloj

    My new Gillette Super Adjustable

    Nice looking razor! I just found one at my in-laws about a month ago. It is a great shaver! Enjoy!
  11. haloj

    Wilkinson Swords at Walmart

    I just picked some of these up on the weekend. I'm interested in trying. It is nice to have a local option that is a decent go-to in a pinch.
  12. haloj

    Need advice on travel gear

    Interested in hearing responses as well.
  13. haloj

    The "I Lurvz My B&B!" March 2012 Fundraiser

    This was so much fun! Congrats to the winners. Enjoy the haul!
  14. haloj

    First DE Razor Arrived Today

    This is probably a wise decision. You want to take your time especially the first few rounds. Welcome!
  15. haloj

    Pipe and cigar Trade/Piff Poll

    +1 Keeping it isolated to the BL forum would prevent anyone that didn't want to see it from being exposed. I also agree that the BST is a bit challenging to navigate and find what you are looking for, and adding BL items would only further complicate things. Breaking up the BST is probably...
  16. haloj

    What is the most difficult area of the face to shave?

    Directly under my chin and my Adams apple area are difficult for me.
  17. haloj

    Crazy Double Edge Razor Experiment

    This sounds terrifying. :death:
  18. haloj

    Interesting Conversation with Gillette Brand Manager

    This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Basic Supply and Demand - if people are willing to buy, what incentive is there to lower the price?
  19. haloj

    Hello from a new user..

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
  20. haloj

    Pipe and cigar Trade/Piff Poll

    This sounds like a reasonable compromise. I would like to participate in trading, but I really have no issue limiting it to a particular area. Again, rules need to be clear and followed, but I am for it.
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