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  1. blantyre

    How deep is a La Toya Manatiales tub?

    I have a tub of Manantiales that I like to use sometimes. The soap still reaches almost half way up the height of the tub. I’m wondering where the bottom is? Anyone run one of these out recently and remember where it started to thin out?
  2. blantyre

    FS Paladin PK47 26 mm Select, Morris and Forndran 29+ mm Finest.

    Two very high quality brushes for sale. I used the Paladin about a dozen times from new. I bought the Morris and Forndran on a forum as new and did not use it at all myself. Morris and Forndran Stubby style in off white resin with a slight swirl. Very densely filled with Finest 2-band badger...
  3. blantyre

    Is the market saturating or was this just a fluke?

    I was following a WR1 OC + WRH3 solid all mirror polished, all packaging, basically new. It sold for about $360 on an infamous auction site. Almost $200 less that list and no long wait. Was this just a luckly fluke for the buyer or is the market for top end hardware finally saturating? I would...
  4. blantyre

    FS Crabtree and Evelyn Sweet Almond Oil cream

    Offered for sale CONUS. One tube of the long unobtainium Crabtree and Evelyn sweet almond oil cream 3.5 OZ. Unopened tube in original box with tube key. This is a very nice cream, I have so many soaps/creams that the tub I have will easily serve my needs. $50 shipped CONUS by priority.
  5. blantyre

    WTB Big Fellow New Improved version

    Title pretty much says it. I am specifically looking for the New Improved version, not the old type (don't like the shave) of the chrome Big Boy that I already have a rate very highly. Ideally a pristine example with no bent teeth, handle cracks or plate wear. A decent condition gum wood or...
  6. blantyre

    Ancient madder robes

    A few months ago, during the height of the lockdown and around the time that I realized that a summer vacation to Spain was not a realistic idea, I stumbled on ancient madder robes. Ancient madder is a deep dyed heavy gauge silk material. The traditional patterns are paisley in muted shades of...
  7. blantyre

    FS Brad Sears Arley 26 mm Select

    Brad Sears Arley, 26 X 48 select bulb 98 mm total height. Turned in black and English butterscotch resin. Dense knot, soft tips and decent backbone. Excellent condition with original box. Lists at $175 on the Brad Sears site when in stock. $115 CONUS. Please add 3% for Paypal or use F&F.
  8. blantyre

    Messing around with an old Tech.

    I recently bought a plaid aluminum handle ball end Tech because I wanted the handle for another project. Also one of the Russian army two blade razors ($5 on ebay) arrived a few days ago. I bought the Russian one mainly for the corrugated shim. Before putting the unused parts into my box of...
  9. blantyre

    FS Valencia open comb slant, B&M Hallows A/S

    Valencia open comb slant. This razor looks wicked but gives a very pleasant mild shave with no fuss. In case with one blade bank. The razor is in very good condition with no plate loss, teeth are not bent and the threads are good. The case is in fair condition with some water damage. $140 CONUS...
  10. blantyre

    FS Leresche OC

    Nice condition Leresche OC. Cased both blade banks. Razor is in very good condition. Case is in good condition, latch and hinges operate correctly. Slight wear from age. $80 CONUS please add 3% for paypal.
  11. blantyre

    FS Blackland Tradere OC, Schick Krona metal knob, Thater brush

    Blackland Tradere open comb DE razor. Low serial number. Bought new, used about a dozen times. Excellent condition, all packaging inserts, blades, etc. $240 CONUS, please add 3% for paypal. Schick Krona, excellent condition long metal knob version. $20 CONUS. H.L. Thater silvertip in nice...
  12. blantyre

    FS Gealousy brush, H.L. Thater plexi handle brush, 3 aftershaves.

    Gealousy, 28 x 53 fan knot beehive. Knot is treated during manufacture to create hooked “gel tips”. They work as advertised - very smooth. $45 CONUS. H.L Thater silvertip in nice square plexiglass handle. Bulb knot, just over 25 mm at the handle, loft about 50 mm. A soft brush with enough...
  13. blantyre

    FS Barbasol floating head, Gillette double ring, Eclipse Red Ring all cased nice condition

    Barbasol floating head. In case with 5 blades. This one has one of the brightest heads I’ve seen – no scratches at all. Very slight beginnings of brassing on one end of one guard bar. Case is in good condition with slight wear on lining where the head sits. $195 Gillette double ring. Excellent...
  14. blantyre

    FS Some less common razors in nice condition, a few brushes.

    I am thinning out my collection a bit. Probably two listings. The first is some less common razors and a few brushes. More razors will follow soon. I worked hard to find the best examples of these, mostly cased and with some blades. Prices are shipped CONUS, please add 3% for Paypal. Pomco...
  15. blantyre

    Stumptown Shibuya

    Today's lunch time excursion was Stumptown Shibuya. A shoe repair and vendor. They sell Danner, Red Wing and Whites among others. Quite large second floor shop with two motorcycles and a lot of boots. Prices are even higher than US as might be expected. A few pics follow.
  16. blantyre

    Whites boots

    With winter fast approaching, I decided to buy a second pair of winter weight boots. I've had a pair of Redwing Beckmans for about 3 years now and am very happy with them. After adding 3 speedhooks to the lacing and getting a commando heel installed they are a great winter weight boot and well...
  17. blantyre

    Picked up a nice pair of cordovan chukkas.

    A few weeks back I got a notification from Allen Edmonds that they were having a shell cordovan sales event. I was travelling so called into a store in the Chicago area and found that there were some goodies on offer. I ended up ordering a pair of the Dundee chukkas in bourbon color - I already...
  18. blantyre

    Wow! I haven't seen that before.

    I was tooling around to look at some badger/boar mixed brushes and landed on several UK-based sites that sell Vulfix. At the end of the page a note about age-restricted products was given. Apparently in the UK it's illegal to buy razors or razor blades if you are under the age of 18 - see...
  19. blantyre

    Dr. Martens

    This was in a journal that I get - I couldn't find a link so am posting just images of the 2 pages.
  20. blantyre

    Perfume Passage

    I spent a very pleasant and interesting 3+ hours touring a private perfume bottle and perfume museum today. It’s at the Sanfillipo Estate a few miles northwest of Chicago. It is a very large private home that hosts events including organ recitals and other things. The income is used for...
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