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Search results

  1. Ethan365

    Aftershaves with scents that don't linger?

    So I love ending my shave with an aftershave splash. Particularly one that engulfs me in a wonderful scent. I have many PAA aftershaves but the problem is that I find many or most of them pretty strong - I think this is by design - but for me it means I can't use these scents when I'm going to...
  2. Ethan365

    Does RazorPit work?

    I've seen ads for something called RazorPit, basically a piece of rubber you put soap on and then drag your blade across. This is supposed to extend the life of your blade and keep it sharper for longer. Has anyone tried it? Does it actually work or is it a gimmick?
  3. Ethan365

    Replacement for Dorco Twin?

    About 7 years ago I gave dollar shave club a try and settled on their "humble twin" razor. Once they discontinued that, I found out that Dorco had been making the razor and switched to Dorco's twin. Alas, as I recently tried to order new blades, I found out that Dorco had discontinued...
  4. Ethan365

    Crown King Immortal Peach?

    I'm intrigued by this seasonal offering by Crown King but haven't been able to find many online reviews. I'm generally a fan of alot of CK aftershaves including Avo Nice Shave, Neroli planet 9, and Spring Heeled Jack. The thing is I don't want to smell too perfumey or feminine so I'm a little...
  5. Ethan365

    Underwhelmed by scuttle experience

    Recently picked up a Crown King scuttle on sale and used it this morning as directed. One thing I noticed was that the lather that I worked up in the scuttle was a bit more dry and airier than usual which negatively impacted the quality of the lather. Also, although I used very hot water, the...
  6. Ethan365

    How do you apply your AS?

    I used to apply my AS by pouring it in one palm of my hand and then immediately slapping and spreading it on my face figuring I wouldn't waste as much with this method. However, after trying an AS that gave me a burn that was a bit too intense, I tried pouring the after shave on one palm...
  7. Ethan365

    Your good luck shave setup?

    Does anyone have a shave setup that they use on important days? The days when you have a presentation or a job interview or a certain business meeting or even a date? Tomorrow I have an oral examination and I'm planning on shaving with B&M Seville soap and Seville aftershave and then one light...
  8. Ethan365

    B&M Seville EDT has wierd drydown?

    A few weeks ago I ordered B&M Seville soap, aftershave, and EDC. While I love the soap and aftershave, for some reason I'm picking up a wierd note from the EDC drydown and also when I smell the EDC bottle cap. It's almost like a sour plasticy powder note. Has anyone else noticed it?
  9. Ethan365

    Menthol content in Stirling glacial alcohol-free tonics vs. Stirling alcohol based aftershaves

    A while back I was living overseas and couldn't order alcohol based aftershaves but I was still eager to order Stirling aftershaves based on my excellent experience with their soap and especially their glacial menthol soaps which I loved. I ordered a few of the glacial alcohol free tonics and...
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