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  1. jhclare

    First tallow...what should I get?

    I would go with Arko over MWF any day. MWF is very finicky to lather (just do a search) and when/if you get it to work, it shaves no better than Arko. Just my opinion! J
  2. jhclare

    Semogue Vs Omega - How Different?

    Hi, I don't frequent the shaving forums much any more - after trying nearly every product under the sun over the last couple of years, I have settled on one brush, one razor, one blade, and a couple of soaps! :ohmy: During my boar-phase, I preferred Omega boars over Semogues. I found Semogues...
  3. jhclare

    everyday moisturizer

    I've been through all the expensive ones and you know what works for me? Aqueous cream! £1 for a big tub from the pharmacy. Light, fragrance free, non-greasy, just works. Only complaint, no SPF.
  4. jhclare

    Anyone else not a fan of the whole

    I don't care what's in fashion or not, I just wear what suits me, my figure and my situation and of course, my personal sense of style. Nothing wrong with untucked shirt providing it's the right type of shirt worn with the right things in the right setting. I can't stand "normal" fit shirts...
  5. jhclare

    UK made "traditional" shaving soap comparison - incoming

    I gave up some time ago with these English soaps. Just couldn't get the same thick, slick qualities that I get from IK, Moos/Tabac, Provence Sante, heck, even Arko. A shame, as I love the scents/packaging. Style over substance, in my opinion. John
  6. jhclare

    What is your underarm deodorant of choice?

    I used this for a number of years, and they recently reformulated the solid (in the UK at least) and it's now called Advanced Control or something. This leaves white marks and just plain doesn't stop me sweating or smelling! I now use the roll-on which really works (I don't think they...
  7. jhclare

    Soaps you wouldn't choose again

    Yes. D.R. Haris too. Really, really mediocre soaps (but nice scents). If they lathered and worked like Arko, I'd be very happy.
  8. jhclare

    What's the slickest soap?

    Easy: Arko, Cella, Mama Bears. A good way of assessing a soap's slickness - after a pass, pass a wet hand over the face. A really slick soap should leave a film on the skin even after a pass, which can be made very slick with the additional of a little water. I sometimes even touch up areas...
  9. jhclare

    Is Arko the new Williams?

    Arko is probably my favourite all around shaving soap. It's cheap, smells good (yes it does!) and its performance is outstanding, beating many high end soaps in terms of performance. Very, very slick and cushioning. It's slightly drying, but then so are many other soaps with the exception...
  10. jhclare

    "Top Must Try" soaps?

    Arko - insanely good for the price Valobra/C&S/AoS - probably my absolute favourite all round hard soap, on another level completely to Harris/Trumpers etc. Tabac/Moos - can't go wrong MWF gets a lot of overseas users but here in London with my particular water I can't for the life of me get a...
  11. jhclare

    What soap has the least ingredients?

    MdC is great stuff but let's not get carried away here.... to me it's no more than an above average performer, and I get better performance with Moos, Valobra, Arko, IK and the like. I also think I may be sensitive to one of the ingredients as I get slight discomfort during final pass/rinse. I...
  12. jhclare

    Martin de Candre - maiden voyage

    I agree - it's a very nice soap, but Arko (yes, Arko) performs a tad better on the lubrication side, and I get no irritation at all when I use Arko. I also get a couple of nicks with MdC. I find they both dry more than the Shea soaps. Since discovering Arko, it is now my benchmark, and no...
  13. jhclare


    This should be the first soap a newbie tries, by law. Will save them a lot of money. I wish I'd tried it sooner. Performance in a shave soap doesn't get much better than this, regardless of cost. I'm new to it - yet am still blown away by the price/performance. It will cause you to grin every...
  14. jhclare

    St Charles Shave

    I had the New Spice, which smelt great, but I never got on with the lather. It was too airy and seemed to dissolve between passes. Never got thick, rich, shiny lather with it.... I have similar problems with DR Harris and MWF. I'm sure it's my London water. John
  15. jhclare

    Why are badgers bulb shaped and boars fan shaped

    I definitely prefer bulb - both the appearance and performance. I used to fall into the "must have short loft, dense, fan brush for face lathering soaps" brigade, but as I tried more and more brushes, I truly believe it is purely personal preference. I like medium-dense bulb shape brushes (SR)...
  16. jhclare

    Trumper's Eucris Shaving Soap Troubles

    Apparently this is a common and known problem with this soap. The Eucris formulation is different to the other Trumpers soaps. I don't really get on with their soaps anyway, so I'm giving this one a miss. A shame, as the scent is awesome. John
  17. jhclare

    Under arm deodorant

    Used Mitchum Solid Unscented for years. It was great, but they recently changed the formula here in the UK and it's now called Advanced Control/Endurance - and it's rubbish. It no longer keeps me dry, it doesn't prevent odour, and it leaves marks on my clothing. Not good Mitchum! I've emailed...
  18. jhclare

    Arrival of the ARLINGTON

    I wanted to love this one - I just love the scent. But I just can't get the same rich, dense lather I can get with other soaps. Again - I think it's my water. Ironic that I live in London! John
  19. jhclare

    Soap with best glide/slip?

    I much prefer slickness over cushion. For me and my water, the absolute slickest soaps are: Arko, Cella and Mama Bears. Then, a notch or two below: Valobra/Tabac/Moos. I don't find the triple-milled English soaps very slick. Of course, this is all YMMV and I've a feeling water in your area...
  20. jhclare

    Prefer Boar to Badger?

    I'm among the minority here - I much prefer badger over boar. I just prefer the face feel, better water and heat retention, and speed of drying. I got caught up in the boar craze a few months ago and bought several boars. No matter how much I tried to enjoy them, I couldn't escape the feeling...
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