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  1. wurls

    1st Slant shave today

    I tried out a Slant today for the 1st time, after using closed comb DE's for about a year and a half now. I have to say that it was ok. The 1st noticeable difference was that there was less effort required on each stroke than there was before. I think I used a little too much pressure as I was...
  2. wurls

    Slant possibilities?

    Ok, I bought a Merkur Slant (37) and it comes apart completely different from the EJ heads that I have been using. My ideal setup has been an EJ head on an iKon Bulldog handle. Does anyone know if it's possible to fit an iKon Bulldog handle onto a Slant head, and if so, is it a Merkur Slant...
  3. wurls

    RazoRock XXX replacement?

    Guys, Not sure if this is a question for the creams or soaps forum, so I'm posting it on here. My favorite shaving cream/soap is the RazoRock XXX, and since it has been discontinued, I'd like to find out what other product comes close to replicating it. Any thoughts? P.S. I luckily stocked...
  4. wurls

    Ultimate razor?

    Guys, Since most of us on this forum have tried different types of razors, I'd like to hear opinions on what you all think is the "Be-All-End-All" in the world of razors. The one desert island razor that you just could not live without, and that you nearly love more than life itself. Edwin...
  5. wurls


    Thought I'd let you guys know that I managed to get 3 new converts into the wonderful world of DE shaving since I've last been on here (probably 2-3 months). I will continue to work on getting the word out about DE shaving to the lost and confused many, who think that there is no other form of...
  6. wurls

    Ikon Bulldog handle

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I've been on here, and wanted to drop a post. Bought myself the Ilon Bulldog razor handle, and have to say that it has the best grip of any razor I've tried thus far. To date, I've tried Bob's handle, various EJ's. It's now in my top rotation, and I look forward to...
  7. wurls

    damhans Voshkod PIF

    Ok, I wanted to let the brotherhood of B&B'ers know about yet another kind act of generosity displayed to me from fellow B&B'er "damhans". He sent me several different new DE packs of blades, as I mentioned to him that I have never tried the brands he talked about. Out of the different DE...
  8. wurls

    MJ Soap Shop - Awesome!!!

    Ok guys, I just had my first shave with the Maple Cream shaving soap from MJ's Soap Shop, also it is my first time using any soap from MJ's. Here is my first impression. The scent from this puck of soap was AMAZING!!! It's great to experience a full scented shaving soap. It felt like I had a...
  9. wurls

    MJ's shave soaps

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting some Maple Cream shaving soap from MJ's soap shop, and was wondering if anyone has tried any shaving soaps from MJ's. I'm a maple head Canuck all the way, and am anxious to try this new shave soap out. Just wondering how MJ's compare to the big boys as I have...
  10. wurls

    Who hand strops?

    Who hand strops? I just saw on one post here what it actually is, and was wondering if many people do that with their DE or SE blades Tanks!
  11. wurls

    Happy Canada Day!

    I thought I'd be the first to wish all my fellow Canadian B&B'ers a Happy Canada Day! Time to celebrate being a poutine eating, moose hunting, back bacon eating, maple syrup craving, hockey lovin' Canuck!
  12. wurls

    Ultimate Bay Rum?

    Ok, I just mixed Ogallala Bay Rum and Sandalwood 50% with Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum to make, what I find to be, the ultimate Bay Rum. I love the Ogallala for the moisturizing properties and love the burn and scent of the Pinaud VIBR. This way, I get the scent, with great moisturizing and...
  13. wurls

    Alum block irritation

    Ok. I started to get some red irritation on my jawline in one spot near the edge of my goatee, and I believe it may be from using alum block. Does anyone else get irritation from alum block, or could my irritation be from something else? The irritation caused bumps which didn't quite heal in...
  14. wurls

    Shaving will get you

    A funny clip I found on YouTube. I think it's meant to mean that the guy talking is DE or traditional shaving...and it will get you if you use anything but. Thought I'd share it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2xt_z2npzQ&feature=relmfu
  15. wurls

    Spoon shaving

    This is probably the funniest thing I have ever watched involving shaving! Have a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4oHzFNclzQ&feature=related
  16. wurls

    Modren DE shaving commercial

    Gillette and Schick have their fancy shmancy commercials that are seen by millions daily. At the other end of the spectrum, you have DE shaving which sees zero advertising through commercials, or newspaper/magazine advertisements. I envision a change in that. I see a male model using an EJ...
  17. wurls

    Shave cream dream

    Ok, so I mixed together 2 parts AoS Sandalwood shave cream to 1 part Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood shave cream, and with my Omega Silvertip brush, got a concoction that once mixed with fairly hot water in my G5, produced the most luxurious and creamy lather with a scent meant for the...
  18. wurls

    21 new converts!

    Ok, so I have been working on my Facebook friends that responded to a survey of mine where I asked if they wanted to spend significantly less on razor blades than they currently are spending...all while getting better shaves. There was an overwhelming response from them as most said they are...
  19. wurls

    How It's Made - Straights and Barber poles

    While watching How It Is Made last night, I saw that they were showing how barber poles were made. They're still made today by the William Marvy, who was featured in the 5 minute segment. Just nice to see that the modern world hasn't forgotten about the yesteryears when these were common...
  20. wurls

    Fluffy or flat lather?

    When mixing creams/soaps for shaving what result of mixing do you find works best for you? For me, I found that through experimenting with lather building using different amounts of water, my best results came from using a lather that had very little water used. At first, I thought that...
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