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  1. MickToley

    Seagrapes Studio sample PIF - 3 winners

    I am putting up this great, easy to lather soap for PIF. You can see pics of lather in my review. The samples are about 19 grams each. These samples are from a test run on a lavender & lemongrass scent. Lavender was supposed to be the dominant scent, but it was just overpowered by the...
  2. MickToley

    MORE news from Valobra.

    A few months ago somebody posted a thread about Valobra coming out with a hard soap puck. I recently purchased a Valobra Fougere bath soap, and it's fragrance is most wonderful. I emailed Valobra asking if they were ever going to reintroduce the Fougere scented soft soap or create a hard Fougere...
  3. MickToley

    New shaving soap "discovery"

    I've discovered a new shaving soap, it might not be new, but it's new to me. I was browsing ebay a few weeks ago and came across a shaving soap by the name of Seagrapes Studio. I was intrigued and decided to take a chance on a few tins. I must say that I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. I've...
  4. MickToley

    Playing the "Badgermin"

    I saw this on Outrageous acts of science the other day and thought it was funny. Enjoy. :001_cool:
  5. MickToley

    I have a problem, I'm such a hoarder.

    I decided to count the soaps I have and here they are. Eighty-five, not including three yardley soaps, an old spice mug n' soap, eight creams and two soaps I will be selling, and four soaps that will be being used in the shower. :a52::a52: ]
  6. MickToley

    Nibs compatible with Nemosine Singularity?

    I like my singularity and the calligraphy nibs that I got with it. Are any other nibs compatible with this pen? Or am I just stuck with what is made for the pen? Thanks.
  7. MickToley

    Scents or "flavors" for shaving soap/cream?

    I always notice that some people refer to different scents of shaving soaps or creams as "flavors", when, they are just scents. You do not taste them, I hope. :tongue_sm I mean, do those who call them flavors call fragrances flavors? So, which term do you use? Scents or "flavors"?
  8. MickToley

    New fountain pen acquisition. Help, please.

    So, I've just acquired this Sheaffer fountain pen/pencil set from my great uncle. He said he got it when he was younger, for graduation or something. I opened it up, and all these parts are there. I have no clue what's going on here. It's not like the ones sold now with just an ink cartridge. I...
  9. MickToley

    What's the most you've spent on a blind purchase? (Creams, soaps, aftershaves)

    I was just talking to someone through pm, which made me think of the idea for this thread. What's the most money that you've spent on a blind soap, cream, or aftershave purchase? I've spent somewhere around $90.00 on seven tubs of Olivia's shaving cream (German artisan), and I've been very...
  10. MickToley

    New here in the NIB, question about notebooks

    I was pif'd a fountain pen by a gentleman on the shave nook. It was a cheap papermate that I believe he paid less than two bucks for. It was just so I could see if I like writing with them, needless to say, I do. :biggrin1: Anyway, I've been looking for a notebook online. I'm interested in one...
  11. MickToley

    My favorite commercial. What's yours?

    I just can't get enough of this commercial, I just laugh every time it comes on. What are some of your favorites?
  12. MickToley

    A public thanks to Juan @ Gifts & Care

    About a month ago I had placed an order with Juan from Gifts & Care. I wanted a Vie Long 2-Band brush with a flat top shape. He said that I should place the order for a brush with the handle design I wanted and just write a note that I want flat shaped. He would then have Vie Long make the...
  13. MickToley

    New Van der hagen set - just pay the shipping and it's yours

    Someone had given me this set a few months back and I just remembered about it. If someone wants it just pay the shipping fee and it's yours.
  14. MickToley

    In honor of. . .

    This was on a TV show called "The Voice" and I figured I would share it here for people who haven't seen it. Gentlemen, comments on the video are welcome. Please, no discussion on anything else that had to do with this unfortunate tragedy. Let's not have this thread locked. Thank you.
  15. MickToley

    Warmer weather fragrance recommendations

    What are some of your favorite warm weather fragrances? I'm trying to ditch the ADG for '13. I'm finding it repulsive as of late.
  16. MickToley

    Shave ready? Are these chips on the blade's edge?

    I'm searching through ebay and find this razor, the seller describes it as shave ready. I zoom in and see what seems to be small chips in the blade. Am I seeing things? If these are chips then I'd hate to be the poor person that purchases this razor and shaves with it thinking it's "shave...
  17. MickToley

    Has Shavemac changed their D01-Silvertip hair?

    I have a D01-Silvertip from Shavemac that I purchased in December of 2010. Compared to the D01 hair that is in production now, the older brush has less backbone and softer tips. Both of the brushes are equal in density. I'm curious to know if it has been changed. I'd like to hear other people's...
  18. MickToley

    The most expensive Van Der Hagen set ever!

    So here I am cruising the bay and I stumble upon this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Van-Der-Hage...20cddc085b At least they're offering free shipping Maybe it's a typo?
  19. MickToley

    Awaiting the arrival of my first DSLR

    I just "pulled the trigger" on a Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm lens kit and am now patiently waiting for it to arrive. This is my first DSLR and I'm pretty anxious and excited in learning this camera. I still must pick up a few more lenses, though. How many of you guys shoot with a D7000?
  20. MickToley

    Olivia's Crema - Shaving Cream

    I had heard of this cream from a thread on another site and I took a chance and ordered seven tubs of cream. I know it was risky not having read any reviews or seen any photos of lather, but I like to take risks once in a while. Anyway, the consistency of the cream is more like a croap (a hard...
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