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Search results

  1. doctopus

    Futur clone Ming Shi 2000S

    Good day gents, I was browsing through Ali express & came across this razor. I know some of you have used the NT Vigour which is another Chinese Futur clone, but have any of you tried this one? I've ordered one just now & am curious to find out what to expect.
  2. doctopus

    Rapira & Gillette

    Good day gentlemen, I'm a regular user of the Gillette yellow sharp edge, it's my favorite blade. Recently I've noticed that the rapira line are going for quite cheap. My question is which one of the rapiras are most like the Gillette yellows? Thanks in advance.
  3. doctopus

    Lord L6 head with Concord handle

    Hello gentlemen, I've been shaving with a lord l6 for the past few months and have really enjoyed it, I've recently ordered the Concord 3 Piece (I know, I'm cheap) & planning on using it's handle with the l6 head... Anyone done this before? If you have what can I expect?
  4. doctopus

    The weight of the razor

    Hello gentlemen, I'd like your opinion on this; does the weight of the razor have any influence on the quality of the shave? Assuming that the build quality of both razors are decent... Would the heavier one provide a better/worse shave?
  5. doctopus

    I NEED to get an open comb

    Hello gentlemen, for the past few weeks all I can think about is trying an open comb razor, it's all I can think about [emoji37] but I don't have too much to spend, so I ask all of you for advice on which is the cheapest I can purchase to relieve my craving
  6. doctopus

    The best of the Lords

    Hey there gentlemen, I've noticed the Lord company has many different kinds of blades, there's a supplier here who sells them at a good price and I'm trying to find out which ones to try, there's the ASCO, racer, chrome, platinum, super stainless etc out of these which do you guys recommend?
  7. doctopus

    Anyone heard of this brand of blades?

    Hi guys, just got the cheapo nanjie razor delivered today...it came with these blades...He Tian any idea how they are?
  8. doctopus

    Aussie alum block

    Have any of you gentlemen checked out nobobodyrock.com? Haven't tried it out yet but the price is nice.
  9. doctopus

    Good place to buy blades?

    Gday gents, I'm wanting to buy a 100 pack of astra sp/Gillette 7o'clock, just wondering where's a good place to get them from, looking for a good deal with quick shipping/a store I can pick up from in person (i live just west of Sydney). Are there any specific vendors from eBay you gentlemen...
  10. doctopus

    How are the Bic Hybrid Advance 3 blades?

    I knw tht everyone here is all about the DE but i just started out and every time i shave with the weishi & astra blades i get a nick or 2, weekdays i dont get enough time to be careful so im thinking of honing my DE skills on the weekends. Most cartridges are still a bit expensive, so my...
  11. doctopus

    Good razor under $40 in Australia?

    Hey guys, been shaving with a weishi & would like to upgrade a bit, I'm in Sydney so I don't have too many options..any suggestions would be helpful..thank you
  12. doctopus

    Noob with a poor mans set up, Saying Hello from Sydney

    Hi guys, I recently got out of uni and moved back to live with my parents, cuz basically im broke. I was on lifehacker and they had an article about DE shaving and it peaked my interests...especially the saving money part. Did a few google searches and i ended up here. That was 3 months ago, in...
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