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    What do people think of cast steel + Restoration

    What are peoples general thoughts on cast steel razors? Good/Bad, Advantages/Disadvantages. How they hold their edge. Rust compared to high carbon. Etc. I bought this pig in an auction recently and, being my first cast steel, didn't really know what to expect. Overall poor condition blade...
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    Coticule mining in 1971

    This was primitive old skool stuff but I found it fascinating. You don't really need them but you can get auto translated subtitles if you want. Check out timestamp 16:07 for 4x48 coticule goodness (Yes that's 4 inch X 4 foot coticules)
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    Quick Filarmonica 13 question on pins

    I have a recently acquired Filarmonica 13 Sub-Cero. It's in good condition so doesn't need much done to it. I've almost cleaned it to a point I'm happy with, mostly the tang needed work but blade is in excellent shape with zero honewear, in fact I don't think this Fili has ever been used. I...
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    IC Veritable Vincent Frameback (#3 of 4)

    Been kinda quite around here recently so I thought I'd restore another of my French razors. This one came as just the blade so I'll need to make scales for it. It's seen better times and I'd imagine it's been sitting around for decades in this condition. First of all this thing was so frozen...
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    Looking for the original Scales template PDF

    Hi all, I had the original PDF but a hard drive went belly up on me and I lost it. I have the pictures (below) of scale templates but I'm really looking for the PDF where you can print them and they'll be the exact size. With the pictures I have someone put a border around them and the border...
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    Restored a Famex 6/8 Razor (Wald-Solingen) (#2 of 4)

    There's something special about this razor. Not sure where the scales came from but they gotta go. Sanding 220-400 600-1000 and what will be its new scales I peened it and then realised the tang was crooked. When fully opened in the shave position it would not close again properly without...
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    Time for a shorty (Kabrand 415)

    I bought some French razors just before Christmas and, in a lot of 4, one was damaged but I knew about it before buying. For the price and condition of the others I was ok with that. I thought one thing I don't have is a shorty so I got to work on the damaged one. It's a Kabrand 415 Pour...
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    Some advice on material for the exterior of a case (7 day set)

    I have a 7 day set I've been planning to restore for ages. I won't have much time in the run up to Christmas but I'd like to get some suitable material to restore the cases exterior. If I can get a period accurate material (early-mid 1900's?) my list of excuses for not restoring it diminishes...
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    Very strange scales material - What the hell is it

    I got this Joseph Fenton & Sons a while ago but it's been in my "to do" pile for ages. I took it out the other day and started restoring it but couldn't figure out what the scales are made from. Before I did anything with it it appeared to be a hard pressed leather. Felt like it, looked like...
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    Wade & Butcher FBU Back from the dead

    What have they done to you. Part 1 - Restoration It looks like someone tried to sharpen this with one of those pull through kitchen knife sharpeners but it's more likely a regrind, probably done by the store that originally sold it. Whatever was done was pure vandalism. Right, my work is cut...
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    Wet/Dry Sandpaper and how you know it's done with

    Ok guys, make sure you're sitting down for a pretty dumb question. Basically, when sanding a blade, how do you determine you need a new piece of paper. On low grits like 80 it's not too bad as it feels more like 400 but on higher grits like 1000+ it's not as easy to know it's not really doing...
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    Hi all straight razor noob here

    Just joined today. With regards straight razors, I knew nothing about them a few weeks ago, but have been studiously reading up over the past few weeks and am now officially addicted.
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