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Search results

  1. sexy beast

    Anyone making modern frame-back razors?

    Anyone currently making frame back straight razors?
  2. sexy beast

    How many straight razors you own?

    I own 9 at the moment. 1 Ti, 1 Wacker, 6 Boker, 1 Dovo currently. I may add frame back in the near future.
  3. sexy beast

    Does it seem some of the straight razors that you use gets sharper as time goes on.

    Some razors I own while I’m in between hones. Seem to get sharper as I use them. Then the sharpest just falls off after a period of time use. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. sexy beast

    RazoRock Oil of Lime is Sold Out!

    All right, who bought all of the Inventory of my favorite aftershave splash?🤨🤨🤨 Lucky Bastard who ever you are😎😎😎
  5. sexy beast

    How many brushes do you have in your rotation?

    I currently have four brushes that are in my rotation. I have a fifth but it needs a new knot. I’m not sure if I’m going to invest in replacing it and I may just throw it away. It doesn’t have that much of a sentimental value to be honest. That brush is about 30+ years of age and was my primary...
  6. sexy beast

    What’s the biggest knot you have on your shave brush?

    My largest is a 28 mm not on my MRed high mountain Badger brush. Love it with creams and crops. Thinking about going bigger.
  7. sexy beast

    Chromium oxide versus diamond paste .5

    I’ve been using chrome monoxide on my strops for a very long time. For the most part they do a pretty good job of prolonging between hones. I’m looking into the diamond paste option versus the traditional Chromium oxide/iron oxide versus diamond paste. Wanted to hear others’ thoughts on the process.
  8. sexy beast

    Looking for a 8000gr stone syn or nat. Any good suggestions?

    Looking for a 8000gr stone syn or nat. Any good suggestions?
  9. sexy beast

    What do you use to clean and condition your strop?

    Interested to hear other methods from the masses.
  10. sexy beast

    Anyone can recommend a person that does new knots on a old shave brush?

    I have an old brush that I’ve had for close to 30 years and want to replace the knot. It has more sentimental value than anything else. Any direction would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. sexy beast

    Do any of you use a lubricant on your hinge pin for your straight razor for corrosion resistance?

    I’ve been using Corrosion block oil on my hinge pins for all my straight razors for added protection against corrosion in blade hole meets the scales in case water corrosion. I make sure that my blades are completely dry bur sometimes I’m not sure I got everything. I get a little leery on using...
  12. sexy beast

    Damascus Straight Razors in Ralf Aust, Theirs Issard, and Wacker.

    Hello All, I thinking of picking a new straight razor for the big 50. All 3 are in the same price range. What are in the shaving qualities like for those who have them or use them? Thanks for the feedback.
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