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  1. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Gone :(

    It's probably old news around here, but I just noticed Mickey Lee closed shop. They were one of my favorites, especially Grand Havana, so I'm pretty bummed. For those who have used/smelled Grand Havana, do you know of any direct replacement scents out there?
  2. Gdawgs

    Mickey Lee - Unforgiven

    Has anyone tried Mickey Lee's Unforgiven? Sounds like something I'd like, but it's so hard to go off of descriptions. Just wondering if anyone has it and could offer and more description on the scent. I'm a huge fan of Mickey Lee stuff, but not sure if I want to buy a full bottle...
  3. Gdawgs

    Brut - An aftershave Faux Pas??

    I've been around here a little over a year. Whenever someone asks for a suggestion on which aftershave to use, just about everything under the sun gets thrown out there from all the artisan makers, to all the typical drug store varieties(Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer, Old Spice, Clubman, etc.) But...
  4. Gdawgs

    World's Junkiest Razor

    Well, I purchased what could possibly be the junkiest razor ever made. I purchased this bad boy along with a Ming Shi 2000 off of Wish. I was incredibly surprised with the quality of the Ming Shi considering I paid less than $8 with shipping included. I paid $1 shipping included for the...
  5. Gdawgs

    My first BBS

    I started DE shaving a bit over a year ago. I did some of research and picked up an EJ 89, as this seemed to be an excellent choice for a newbie. It's a beautiful razor. I will have to admit, my technique was quite poor at first. I remember going into work my first day of using it and I was...
  6. Gdawgs

    Picked up a Super Speed

    I picked up this Super Speed on EBay for about $13 with shipping. I don't know anything about these, but it is supposedly from 1969. It's in decent shape with just a bit of tarnish. I've been using a double edge for about a year now, and have exclusively used my EJ 89. I'm excited to try...
  7. Gdawgs

    Well, I finally did it

    I ordered a sample of "The Veg". Maggards has a free shipping over $35 going on, so I put in an order for a few things, including the veg. I'm pretty sure I won't be one of the chosen, but with all the attention it gets, I just had to give it a try. I'll let you know.
  8. Gdawgs

    Captain's Pipe Vs. Grand Havana Vs. Cavendish

    I'm finding that tobacco scents are quickly becoming some of my favorites. I currently have Mickey Lee's Grand Havana(which is right at the top of my favorites), and a sample of PAA Cavendish. At first I wasn't all that crazy about Cavendish as it is rather sweet. But over time, this has...
  9. Gdawgs

    L'Orange alternative

    There seem to be a lot of threads lately about Fine's L'Orange. And it seems like a number of people would like to try Fine aftershaves but are hesitant because they don't have any "healing" ingredients. Not to take away from Fine, because I love their stuff and they feel great on my face...
  10. Gdawgs

    What are your longest lasting scents?

    Today I put on Stirling Gentleman, roughly around 7:30am. Nearly 14 hours later, I'm still picking up occasional whiffs of it. So it got me thinking about how long different aftershaves last. Most of the ones I have land in that 2-4 hour range. But I have a few that go much longer. Here's...
  11. Gdawgs

    Floid - Black

    Does anyone have a good description of what Black smells like? I have Vigoroso, which I can't really describe other than clean, classic, old man barbershop. The longer I have it, the more I like it. That could be because the longer I have it, the older I get. :001_smile I think I'm going to...
  12. Gdawgs

    Scents Review - My Maggard Sample Set

    A couple weeks ago I ordered 15 sample aftershaves from Maggards. They are all solid performers on the face(well the ones that I tried were, there are some I won't wear) so I'm just going to try to give you scent descriptions to the best of my ability, and I'll rank them from worst to first...
  13. Gdawgs

    Smell of "The Kraken"

    I posted this question over in the soap forum because there was already a thread about Mickey Lee scents, but didn't get much of a response over there so I'll try here. I ordered a bunch of sample aftershaves from Maggards(15 I think), one of them being Mickey Lee's "The Kraken". The...
  14. Gdawgs

    More samples on the way

    I think I'm becoming addicted to aftershaves. After ordering a bunch of Stirling samples a few weeks back, I just ordered more from Maggard. Here's what I have coming. Floid Vigoroso Proraso Menthol & Eucalyptus Fine L'Orange, Plantinum, and Green Vetiver Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber...
  15. Gdawgs

    So what exactly is a "Traditional barber shop scent"

    It seems like there are many products labeled as traditional barber shop scent. I believe I've seen all of the following scents labeled as such at one time or another(and I know there are many more). Clubman, Fine American Blend, Stirling Barbershop, Tabac, and I also have a fragrance oil from...
  16. Gdawgs

    Fine American Blend = Winner

    After reading quite a few threads on what my next purchase should be, I decided on going with the Fine American Blend. I've had it for over a week now, and ever since I got it, I haven't reached for anything else. I love this stuff! The scent is great, and it just feels amazing on my face. It...
  17. Gdawgs

    Vintage razors to watch for

    I'm still new to DE shaving, so I'm still learning. I was in an antique store a while back and saw some vintage razors but didn't know enough about them to know what's what. What are some vintage razors to keep an eye out for in antique/thrift stores(or are there too many too list)? What kind...
  18. Gdawgs

    Taking the plunge

    Well I'm new to this whole fancy shaving thing. Been using cartridge and disposable razors with can cream all my life. I got into soap making a few months back, which led to making shaving soap. So I have the soap already made. After doing a fair amount of reading on this site as well as...
  19. Gdawgs

    Wow! I never knew this world existed.

    New guy here. I found this site though a link on a soap making forum that I frequent. A member over there is also a member here. He posted(quite a while back) about a shaving soap that he made that was a reversed engineered version of Martin de Candre soap(which I have never heard of) that...
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