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    Bic chrome platinum blades

    I am on my third Bic Chrome Platinum blade from a 100 blades pack bought from Amazon. 9 shaves total. Still I don't know what to conclude about them. They feel harsh and tug (especially in chin area) with against the grain pass. They also gave weepers at same spots which never happened with...
  2. F

    Bic chrome platinum blades

    Does these pictures mean that they are made in China or its some other kind of packing.
  3. F


    l like the packaging a lot even the printing on the blade.
  4. F

    Straight razors worth keeping or should I throw them

    I am glad that they are restorable. To me, it seems that their edge can not be rehoned due to rust and breakage. Thanks. I will keep them or try to restore locally.
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    Kindly review shaving website/store

    Comparing to other websites, I found the prices quite less especially of DE blades. As I am not in USA, so was afraid of using credit card. I just wanted to confirm whether anybody at B&B has bought from the website to check the site authenticity. Thanks anyways, I have already ordered Bic...
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    Straight razors worth keeping or should I throw them

    hi gentlemen. I have a little bit of knowledge about vintage double edge razors, but totally ignorant to straight razors. I have these two razors with no use. Just want to know whether these have any dollar value or are these collectible items or just garbage.
  7. F

    Kindly review shaving website/store

    I was searching for shaving supplies on USA and found the following website. Guido’s Fine Grooming | Safety razors and shaving supplies - https://guidosgrooming.com/ The prices seem very less as compared to other online sellers in USA. Kindly, can anyone confirm that this website is real and...
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    Dorco prime,amazing blades for amazing price

    Can anybody relate Vietnamese Dorco Titan to Vietnamese Dorco Primes. Are they same, different, which one is better than other?
  9. F

    The "Not Gillette" Vintage DE Thread

    I found this made in Germany Alf-Leila razor. Its not in so good condition but shaves allright. I do not have any knowledge about its history.
  10. F

    SuperMax Platinum Plus vs SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum.

    Thanks all for helping me decide. I will go for Super-Max Blue Diamond Platinum, as I like sharper blades.
  11. F

    SuperMax Platinum Plus vs SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum.

    As both of above shown brands are available in the market, kindly tell me which one would be better to buy, or are they the same blade?
  12. F

    Starke blades manufacturing place?

    Thanks for quick reply. I think I should skip buying these. The shop that is selling these is not nearby. I have also asked the same question on email address available on their website. I suspect these are re packaged by Viduyt as its not available locally easily.
  13. F

    Starke blades manufacturing place?

    These blades are available in my country. Stark premium Anybody has any experience with these blades or where they are being produced. I can not buy a tuck and only can buy in bulk thats why can not take any chance.
  14. F

    Brass razors diy patina!

    Is this patina effect, using any of the mentioned methods permanent, and there would be no tarnish of brass after using this method?
  15. F

    Help identifying this slant razor

    Thanks a lot for the information. Kindly also share your razor pictures. How does it shaves? If possible, kindly also share some link for more information as I could not Google search it.
  16. F

    Help identifying this slant razor

    I have this razor with me for past couple of days. Can any body help regarding make/model of it. It has no marking except number 7 on basepl plate.
  17. F

    Silver Star blades

    A few days back, i bought a 50 blades box having 5 packs of 10 blades each for approx 1 US dollar (PKR 150). I bought them based on good reviews by fellow members. To me they are same as Shark SS and Lord Classic as I couldn't feel a noticeable different shaving experience.
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    Shave stick identification

    Hi. These shaving sticks were part of vintage made in England travelling kits. Kindly, can anybody tell their brand name and other characteristics?
  19. F

    How do you keep track of blade usage

    I am using this instead of dice method. a heat sink from computer power supply. I am also planning to cut the part having screw holes, and it will become a very nice looking blades tray. In above picture Gillette green stainless has done 1 shave and Ladas blades are at at shave no. 3 and 4. I...
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    Wilkinson sword plastic. So wrong..

    I also had the Treet version. That was the only razor I trashed due to its its mildness. The other was Feather Popular that I sold out due to its mildness.
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