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Search results

  1. Rivguy

    GFT Sandalwood getting low, next?

    I am very fond of GFT Sandalwood cologne and as it is getting low so I thought I would start looking for a replacement. I know that there has been more than a few sandalwood threads so feel free to direct me to them, but I was curious to see a comparison of GFT to TOBS, T&H and D.R. Harris. I...
  2. Rivguy

    Gillette 7 O'clock Blue, Russian or Czech?

    Gentlemen, There has been a great deal of discussion about the Gillette 7 O'clock blades and deservedly so because I have found them to be outstanding performers. My question is about the 7 O'clock Blues. I have both Russian and Czech Blues and have not found a great deal of difference between...
  3. Rivguy

    A lavender lovers soap question.

    Gentlemen, I am very fond of lavender shaving cream and soap and pretty much all things lavender. CF is my favorite lavender product. My fondness for lavender started when I was able to use Yardley's English Lavender soap on a regular basis, but that ended years ago. I have been using TOBS...
  4. Rivguy

    A vintage gift from my barber

    Today I went to my barber shop to get a haircut and was just chatting about the usual topics when he began shaving my neck and around my ears with a straight as he always does. I began talking about traditional wet shaving and he said not many people do that anymore. I said that I did, which he...
  5. Rivguy

    Brush experts, please help identify this brush

    I would greatly appreciate any help identifying this brush. It has B600 stamped on the bottom of the handle and other than that, there are no markings anywhere else on the handle. It has a badger hair knot that looks as though it has not been used and has no smell other than "old." The only...
  6. Rivguy

    Shave stick observation...one brand missing in action?

    I am very fond of shave sticks and have posted my thoughts about them a number of times. I have read many threads praising them and for the most part, agree with them. There are many fine shave sticks and I think that I own many of them and will try others in the future. I have and use La Toja...
  7. Rivguy

    Boar brush journey...if I can make it.

    I have been thinking about doing this for a while but my fondness for my silvertips seems to have pushed this project off. I am blessed to have some fine badger brushes in my den so my boar brushes do not see much use with the exception of my Semogue 2011 LE #2 which is a very fine brush. I know...
  8. Rivguy

    Shaving brushes on the road

    We are doing more traveling lately and have several extended trips planned as well as some shorter trips. I used to travel quite a bit for business and generally used a minimalist approach for the most part. I have decided not to go minimalist because I enjoy the variety of different products...
  9. Rivguy

    Shave sticks really shine for travel

    We recently returned from a fifteen day trip in which I purposely decided to not go minimalist on my gear. I have used shave sticks for home and travel for some time but find that because of my fairly large amount of product, they get used more for travel where they really shine in my view. This...
  10. Rivguy

    Some random thoughts on shaving while traveling.

    We have just returned from a fifteen day trip that necessitated some changes in my normal shaving routine. I have been on longer trips for sure, but this time I purposely selected some specific products in anticipation of some upcoming trips of similar and longer duration. My first observation...
  11. Rivguy

    Da Vinci brushes part two...and three

    I was so pleased with my experience with my Da Vinci 290 Silvertip that I decided to get the 293 and the travel brush as well. They both arrived today and I gave them a quick hand lather to start the bloom. I am anxious to try them soon. I think the 293 will see action tomorrow and the travel...
  12. Rivguy

    Shower gel recommendations

    I have been using shower gels for quite some time and have enjoyed them for the most part. I have used some of the Gillette products and other items regularly available from local sources. I have tried some of the more upscale items like TOBS Eucris and a few others and like them very much. I...
  13. Rivguy

    Chicago Professional Shaving Products question.

    Gentlemen, I posted recently that I had discovered a box of vintage shaving items which included both hardware and software. Among the items I found was a mug and brush from Chicago Professional Shaving Products. I think that it was from the seventies but I am uncertain about the date. I do not...
  14. Rivguy

    Vintage soaps

    I have been wet shaving for many years so I have used quit a few shaving soaps. For years I alternated between Shulton Old Spice and Yardley's Lavender. I still have and enjoy Old Spice soap. Recently I discovered a box of old shaving products that I have not used in a number of years and were...
  15. Rivguy

    How will you honor Memorial Day?

    I wasn't sure where to post this so Mods, feel free to move it. In my view, one of the downsides of moving the U.S. Federal holiday to fall on a Monday rather than on the original designated day is that the real purpose of honoring those who paid the ultimate price is often lost. For many, it...
  16. Rivguy

    Laundry day in the yea old shave den!

    Gentlemen, In my earlier review of the da vinci brush I mentioned a brush cleaning soap that is manufactured by the makers of the da vinci brush. I used it for the first time a few days ago and was very impressed so today I washed a few more and I am very pleased with the results. The soap...
  17. Rivguy

    I hesitate to contribute to SBAD but...wow!

     Gentlemen, I have only seen an occasional mention of the da vinci line of shaving brushes manufactured by Uomo of Germany so I was curious enough to try one. I purchased the #290 100% pure Silvertip brush. The brush arrived last week and I am very impressed. It has a 25 mm knot...
  18. Rivguy

    My Latest brush restoration

    This is my latest restoration of an old favorite brush handle. It is part of a pewter Ralph Lauren Safari shave set that I received as a gift back in the 80s. It served me well for a number of years but it developed a severe case of terminal shedding so a replacement was in order. The original...
  19. Rivguy

    Do some EDT's and colognes lose their scent in time?

    I have some vintage EDT and colognes that I have had for many years and they do not seem to have lost their scent. They have been in a box in the basement so they have been kept cool. I have read that some lose their scents in time and I am curious to see what the experience of some of you gents...
  20. Rivguy

    Whatever happened to The Gentleman's Quarter?

    I know that Colleen moved to her Dad's farm and was perhaps not going to reopen her business but I was curious to see if any of you have any final word on her store. She made some very fine and uniquely scented soaps and creams that I liked as did my son. I don't know that I ever knew the...
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