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Search results

  1. valmara1971

    Why oh why oh why?

    Why oh why oh why do I find myself trawling over and over the BST looking for my perfect razor? It’s just a waste of time when I know exactly what I want. I require an opencomb silo slant on a bull mastiff TTO adjustable body made to look just like a fat boy all have to be vintage but be NOS...
  2. valmara1971

    Funny letter to bank manager

    Hi guys, this is my virgin post inside the clown house. Here is a copy of a letter supposedly written to a UK bank manager enjoy. Dear Sir, > > I am writing to thank you for bouncing my cheque with which I endeavoured > to pay my plumber last month. By my calculations, three...
  3. valmara1971

    Help from members in Oregon please

    Hello guys, I have a friend who lives in Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, Oregon. She is on AOL dial up and tells me it's impossible or too costly to move over to broadband. I of course am not from those parts so I don't know what's involved. Could you please help advise me of what's involved also...
  4. valmara1971

    Potential new converts

    Gentlemen of B&B. I have 3 young airmen in my command. 1 and perhaps all 3 are keen to get onboard the DE train. My question is how do I go about turning them away from the dark side? I’m willing to lend out some of my kit for them to try. I’m thinking techs? I can just about squeeze to a brush...
  5. valmara1971

    IT Help Please!!!

    Gents HELP please, my SWMBO had an accident involving fine wine and a lap top. It sputtered to death and of course will not boot up. We have of course lots of valuable data on it's HDD. Can anyone offer ideas on how to recover the data especially emails. I have been in a similar situation and...
  6. valmara1971

    Important information for everyman here! John's story

    Gentlemen, this story was brought to my attention in an email forwarded from a friend. She works as a PA and her company deals directly with the company mentioned so I know this is a true story. I was forwarded a scan from the hard copy newspaper but I have linked the online version as the scan...
  7. valmara1971

    Can you please help me find prahoc?

    Hello gentlemen of the world. My SWMBO is currently working her way through Rick Stein’s far eastern odyssey cook book. We have sourced most of the ingredients locally. We are having no luck whatsoever in finding one thing. PRAHOC Unique to Cambodian cuisine, prahoc is a popular fish-based...
  8. valmara1971

    Is this a little misleading?

    Hi guys I'm on the hunt for a great adjustable razor to finish off my AD. Do you think this is correct? I can't see any numbers on it? Am I being a nooob? Mod edit: please no live auction links. Feel free to repost the link after the auction closes.
  9. valmara1971

    Razor ID please

    Hello there, I bought this from the bay a while back and had my first DE shave with it. It was listed as a 1920’s bulldog. Can anyone out there be a bit more specific please? Thanks fellas. :smile:
  10. valmara1971

    My first brush restoration

    Hello Gentlemen, here is the progress so far of my first brush restoration project. The brush featured belonged to my SWMBO’s grandfather who actually raised her so was more like a father to her. This was his favourite brush and was kept by SWMBO after he sadly passed away almost 6 years...
  11. valmara1971

    Does anyone recognise this please?

    Gentleman, could one of you kind souls please identify this razor please? It arrived in the mail today and after a thorough decontamination had a new blade fitted and was shave tested. There are no markings stamped in the razor except on the top! The recipient of test shave was SHMBO who is now...
  12. valmara1971

    The Truefitt&Hill Experiance

    The Truefit&Hill experience. Hi everyone, as promised here is my account of my time spent at Truefit&Hill yesterday afternoon. I arrived in good time for my appointment and was greeted at the door by a lovely gentleman who asked if he could help me with anything in particular. I told him I was...
  13. valmara1971

    Good Morning Gentlemen

    Gentlemen, good morning from a mildly sunny England. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and give you a little about my background. I began my shaving journey many years ago (too many when I think about it) and I recalled how it was a less than satisfying experience. Sadly I'm the son of an...
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