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  1. paules

    Chubby but getting thinner

    Dear B & B I bought a Chubby 2 in Best about 12 months ago and it has been an amazing brush. Over that time it hardly shed a hair until the past few weeks when it has started to shed 5 or 6 hairs every time I use it. As a result the brush is noticably thinning out. I would appreciate any...
  2. paules

    Just started honing-what's the worst that could happen?

    B&B I have just started honing using a couticle. Now three days in and following the bevel setting recommendations from coticule.be but I cannot get the razor to shave arm hair. The razor is not expensive but is in pretty good shape. If I keep going what's the worst that could happen...
  3. paules

    HELP - How to remove stains from my razors

    Dear B&B At the end of every month I clean the razors that I have used that month using a mix of hot water and a mild detergent. Today, I did something stupid and added a drop of calcium dissolver to the mix with disastrous results. My rhodium and silver razors escaped unscathed but the...
  4. paules

    Knot recommendations

    Dear B&B I have a couple of nice Ever Ready handles for restoration and I am looking for knot recommendations that will provide me with something different to what I already have. One of the handles could take a 22mm knot and the other a 24mm. My brush collection currently consists of the...
  5. paules

    Are expensive brushes that much better?

    Dear B&B When I started real shaving almost four years ago I was skeptical about the benefits of upgrading my cheap no-name brush. Six months ago I was forced to upgrade after the old brush started to shed too many hairs. I bought an EJ Medium Best to replace the old brush and have since...
  6. paules

    First restorations - mixed results

    I have just completed my first brush restorations. In the Ever Ready C40 (red & white) I put in a 22mm TGN Silvertip Grade A set at 50mm. In the Ever Ready F40 (blue & white) I put in a 22mm TGN Finest set at 45mm. The Silvertip has bloomed nicely and works really well with both soaps...
  7. paules

    First shave with a 'Sticky'

    Until yesterday I had never even heard of a 'Sticky' but was lucky enough to unwittingly pick one up at a local antique store. See thread here: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=176626 After briefly flirting with the idea of selling or trading it I decided to keep and use it. And...
  8. paules

    Id & Info please - Wilkinson Sword Razor

    Hi B&B I bought a Wilkinson Sword Safety Razor at an antique shop today. I would appreciate any information about this razor - Id, age, value etc. The razor and case are in mint condition, in fact the razor looks like it has never been used. The case has a nice compartment on the back...
  9. paules

    Knot recommendations

    Dear B&B I just picked up a couple of vintage Ever Ready brushes and want to undertake my first restorations. Both brushes have openings of 21mm and both are hollow. Ideally, I would like one brush for face lathering and the other for bowl lathering with creams. I would appreciate...
  10. paules

    Restoration help

    Gents I have just bought a couple of vintage Ever Readys and am going to attempt my first restorations. While I wait for the ERs to arrive I was hoping to read up on the restoration process. I have done some searches of existing threads and, while reference is made to a brush restoration...
  11. paules

    Help shaving with a #15

    Dear gents I recently bought a #15 here from Jake: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=156809&highlight=aristocrat It is a beautiful razor in both form and function. It stands out in my small, but growing, collection of vintage razors. It is giving me the closest shaves of my...
  12. paules

    Looking for info on Bengall DE razors

    Hi B&B My local antique store is selling a cased Bengall open comb DE razor in very good condition. The owner says its from the 1920s but there is nothing to indicate its age. I am struggling to find out any information on Bengall DE razors. Plenty of info on Bengall straights but not a...
  13. paules

    Just started my straight shaving journey

    After a couple of years of shaving with a DE I have just had my first straight shaves. Just shaving both cheeks at the moment and will move to the more difficult parts of the face when I improve. First impressions: 1. The razor was not as intimidating as I thought (I was quite anxious...
  14. paules

    First DE shave

    Hi All I am from Western Australia. I have been shaving for over 20 years and have tried every disposable/cartridge razor and shave cream/gel/serum on the market. Well, maybe not all but lots. Last year I found a combination that was giving me the best shave I had ever had - Gillette...
  15. paules

    Newbie from Australia

    Hi all I am from Perth, Western Australia. I have used every multi-blade razor and every shave gel, cream and serum to try and get the optimum shave. After a month of contemplation and research I have taken the plunge and decided to take on the Double Edge challenge. I have ordered the...
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