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Search results

  1. emt88

    Badger & Blade Gentlemen

    To be fair, that's a pretty darn good reason lol.
  2. emt88

    Badger & Blade Gentlemen

    Lol take up straight razor shaving. That'll get the adrenals pumping a bit!
  3. emt88

    Badger & Blade Gentlemen

    Well said! I was back when I first joined the forum. I'm far to invested in this user profile now to change it lol. These days I sit behind a desk in a completely different field.
  4. emt88

    Badger & Blade Gentlemen

    Ah the Groucho Paradox.
  5. emt88

    Halloween! Shave thread

    That is both poetic and terrifying! I'll have to dig through the den to see if I have some shave items that'll qualify.
  6. emt88

    Halloween! Shave thread

    I'm haunted by the veg.
  7. emt88

    Enough Razors?

    Hey man congrats on the time under your belt! Keep your head up reach out when you need it.
  8. emt88

    Gillette Fatboy vs Slim adjustable vs Black Beauty (pre/post 77).

    Agreed. You need all 3! Seriously though, they are all great shavers. My personal preference is the Fatboy, for no real reason in particular. Scoop up whichever one you can get at a good price.
  9. emt88

    Enough Razors?

    For me, this question ended up being a lot more introspective than it was probably meant to be. And I don't think I have any real answer for it. I've mostly stopped trolling the bay a while back. Now I just sort of poke around antique shops, and if I see a razor that is salvageable and cheap, I...
  10. emt88

    '48-'50 Super Speed

    I've noticed about the same. I like em when I have a little extra beard to deal with.
  11. emt88

    Did you get the Presidental Alert?

    I got the alert twice. I'm double wire tapped now.
  12. emt88

    Timex is Back!

    Great looking watch. I'd buy it at 100 bucks. At their price point though, they are competing with some real nice alternatives.
  13. emt88

    It's scuttle-time!

    I've been putting off buying a scuttle for years, and every October, I get the itch for one. So far, my makeshift scuttle has gotten me by, but one day...
  14. emt88

    Badger & Blade Gentlemen

    I agree all around! No other place on the web is quite as nice and courteous. I've received countless amounts of generosity and support from the members here. Chatted with some, and met others in person! Decent folks all around.
  15. emt88


    That there is a beauty!! :001_tt1:
  16. emt88

    Shooting range - American made ammo only

    Ranges are breeding grounds for some of the strangest rules. This one definitely sounds like a "murica" thing though. I've been shooting overrun NATO bulk ammo made by S&B and Privi so I'd be out of luck if that was the only range in town. Well, out of luck until I scraped up a few empty federal...
  17. emt88

    Is Simpson okay?

    They're still kicking as well as ever.
  18. emt88

    Corrective stones?

    I've been liking my Naniwa superstone in 400 for working out nicks and chips. It's a weird stone though. Rated at 400 but cuts closer to a 6-700 and leaves a finish closer to 800 or 1k.
  19. emt88

    Away for a while

    Hahaha thanks guys!
  20. emt88

    Sterno / stove

    I really like using my Emberlit as long as there's no burn bans in the area. Higher or lower heat is just more or less wood.
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