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Search results

  1. Birddog

    Five Years of Wet Shaving

    Time goes by quickly, I began wet shaving after Christmas 2014 and I took to it with ease. I have cringed as I've read some of the not so pleasant experiences of newbies getting started out, thank God my experience was mostly great. Today I realized that it has been five years since I began...
  2. Birddog

    Off with My Beard

    I've transitioned between full beard and round beard for over five years but the other day I decided it was time to rid my face of the brush pile. I'd been sportin' the goatee/mustache for way too long. And since they went out in the mid-90's, I figured I'd part with mine. The first clean...
  3. Birddog

    I Tried A Shark Blade

    The Sharks work well for a friend of mine, so I thought I'd give it a try. Popped a new one in my Gillette Tech, and the first few passes were mediocre, then as I got to my mustache area I had to stop. It was like sandpaper. Ouch. I reached over to grab another razor with another blade to finish...
  4. Birddog

    First Shaves Gillette Silver Blues

    On a lark I thought I'd buy 60 silver blues since the price was right, I was unsure as I had never shaved with one. Man, am I happy that I took this risk. In my Merkur these shave so well, the blade was smooth on the first shave, I've shaved about 4 times with the same blade and each time it...
  5. Birddog

    6 Months A Newbie, Back to Cartrides.NOT!

    Hi Guys, My DE journey began with a Merkur 1904 in December, my first shave was with VDH soap, brush, and mug. I got about two shaves from the initial Merkur razor before tossing it. Then I was onto Feathers, Israel Persona, and Wilkie Sword. During my first two months I had some neck...
  6. Birddog

    Fly Fishing

    Do you fly fish? I've just started researching what gear I need to purchase as a beginner. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Birddog

    Arko Rocks

    I've tried a few more expensive soaps but keep coming back to Arko. Most recently I finished a puck from Stirling soap, it was okay, but I switched back to Arko this morning and there is just no comparison to Arko's smoothness and latherability. I'm going to buy a lot more Arko.
  8. Birddog

    75 cent Tech, What's the date?

    I picked my first vintage razor for 75 cents. I found a Gillette Tech (Z 4) in a box filled with Avon products. I pulled it out, along with some Wild Country (Avon) aftershave and asked the girl how much. I nearly fell over at her stated price, I could not pay quick enough. Is the year 1954...
  9. Birddog

    New Avatar in Honor of My Friend

    I changed my avatar since my friend has been in the hospital for about a week now. Without giving details I can say that he is in serious condition. I pray that he makes it okay and recovers fully. He is in his twenties. Thanks.
  10. Birddog

    WTB: 1976 Vintage DE Razor (Gillette, W 1 or other)

    I'd like to get something that is in good condition, my preference would be a Gillette Super Adjustable. Thanks!
  11. Birddog

    Looking for A Different Soap

    Hi Guys, I've been using VDH exclusively, it is my first shave soap. I've gotten good results from it but I'd really like to try something different, something new to me. I'm looking for good value, I can't spend much more than 3 bucks per ounce. Do you have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks...
  12. Birddog

    Slim: Which one/year is the best?

    The amount of information on vintage razors here is outstanding. It is a lot to take in. So I've noticed that certain years or models of the Gillette Slim are well loved by fellow DE shavers. Which is your favorite, and why?
  13. Birddog

    Figuring Out The Gillette New

    Hi Guys, I probably made a mistake in buying a Gillette New with only about 2 months of DE shaving under my belt. But my first two shaves with it were not pleasant. It is more aggressive than my first razor, and I'm beginning to wonder if I should just cut my losses and leave the New behind...
  14. Birddog

    Flying The Friendly Skies with Our Razors

    Hi Guys, Have you had much success passing airport inspections with your DE blades? In the past, I would breeze through security with my disposables. After reading the wiki on the topic I'm curious if it is even worth attempting to pass through security with a pack of Feathers in my carry on...
  15. Birddog

    Tell me what you think of this razor

    I've decided to get my feet wet and buy a vintage razor to add to my new Merkur. Anyway, I'd like to try a Gillette NEW. Any input?
  16. Birddog

    First Spectacular Shave: It's All Coming Together

    Wow, the light has finally come on for me. Today was the 20th time I've shaved with a DE and it was the best yet. Here's what I did: 1. Showered 2. Hot towel 3. Smeared some olive oil on my face and neck 4. Lathered up with VDH sensitive skin-glycerine puck 5. Shaved wtg - with Merkur 42c and...
  17. Birddog

    What differences are there among Merkur heads?

    Is there much difference in the head of the Merkur classic and the 42c (1904 closed comb)? As I was looking at the various models a lot of them appeared to have a similar head. Remember I'm still a new guy. As I was selecting my 42c I just noticed a lot of difference model numbers but not a...
  18. Birddog

    Birddog's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Birddog What are your nicknames/aliases? Twister, Birddog Where do you live? Somewhere east of the cascades What is your age (or) generation? Generation X What are you in the real world? Husband of one wife, Master of three dogs What is your...
  19. Birddog

    Hello, I'm The New Guy

    Hi Guys, I'm happy to find this bbs as I just began wet shaving and am like a calf at a new gate. :w00t: For Christmas I received a Merkur 1904 with one Merkur blade and a 5 pack of Feathers. And now I'm on the hunt, as it were, for my perfect blade. The Merkur was okay, I tossed it and tried...
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