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    Straight razors worth keeping or should I throw them

    hi gentlemen. I have a little bit of knowledge about vintage double edge razors, but totally ignorant to straight razors. I have these two razors with no use. Just want to know whether these have any dollar value or are these collectible items or just garbage.
  2. F

    Kindly review shaving website/store

    I was searching for shaving supplies on USA and found the following website. Guido’s Fine Grooming | Safety razors and shaving supplies - https://guidosgrooming.com/ The prices seem very less as compared to other online sellers in USA. Kindly, can anyone confirm that this website is real and...
  3. F

    SuperMax Platinum Plus vs SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum.

    As both of above shown brands are available in the market, kindly tell me which one would be better to buy, or are they the same blade?
  4. F

    Starke blades manufacturing place?

    These blades are available in my country. Stark premium Anybody has any experience with these blades or where they are being produced. I can not buy a tuck and only can buy in bulk thats why can not take any chance.
  5. F

    Help identifying this slant razor

    I have this razor with me for past couple of days. Can any body help regarding make/model of it. It has no marking except number 7 on basepl plate.
  6. F

    Shave stick identification

    Hi. These shaving sticks were part of vintage made in England travelling kits. Kindly, can anybody tell their brand name and other characteristics?
  7. F

    Vintage Gillette bakelite/Plastic razor

    I just bought this razor from a vintage shop. It has plastic base plate and also a plastic handle and is made in England. Kindly experts, tell me what is this model called.
  8. F

    help identifying this shave soap

    I just bought this shave soap in wooden bowl from a vintage shop. I know for sure that it is made in England but which brand: There is no to little fragrance at all.
  9. F

    Do vintage razors wear out with regular use

    Luckily, I have a Gillette slim adjustable and a British Gillette #58 razor in nearly mint condition. Now I am afraid to use them as I don't have any backup for them. Though I clean my razors thoroughly after each shave with tooth brush and dry them with a fiber cloth, how much are the chances...
  10. F

    Any info of this vintage brush

    Got this shaving brush free with a vintage Made in England shaving set. Now I am excited to know about its make, bristles type and handle material. Anybody knows more about it or has used similar one.
  11. F

    Hello from Islamabad

    My name is Faisal Bashir and I am from Pakistan. I joined B&B in 2013 but never introduced myself in newbie check-in forum. Being more active recently rather than a silent reader I think I should introduce myself a little bit. Regarding double edge shaving, I have been doing it right from the...
  12. F

    faisal's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Faisal Bashir What are your nicknames/aliases? none Where do you live? Islamabad What is your age (or) generation? 41 What are you in the real world? work as a Senior MIS officer in a bank's IT departmen What is your favorite shave setup...
  13. F

    Schöne Italian Double Edge Safety Razor on Amazon

    Kindly can somebody tell its the same razor as Fatip Picolo or the head is the same as Fatip heads. Edit: Sorry for posting in the wrong section but I realized it later and can not delete the thread.
  14. F

    Please identify this razor

    I just bought an old shaving box that also has some small boxes, a mirror,a shoe-on and also an open comb safety razor. "Made in France" is clearly written on the boxes but the razor has no identification. The razor seems not so special but still I am curious to know about the history of the...
  15. F

    Merkur blades - why so expensive

    I was looking at prices of 100 blades count of various brands on Amazon. I think the general consensus about Merkur blades is that they are harsh. I wonder why are they so expensive as compared to all other blades having 100 count. Polsilver SI, Feathers, Gillette yellows and all others, but...
  16. F

    Are Lord Classic SS and Shark SS the same blades in different packing

    Both the Shark SS and Lord Classic SS are locally available in my country. I have already bought 100 blades of Lord Classics. If Shark SS are different than Lord Classics then I will also buy 100 of these too. I suspect that both these blades are the same in different packets. Kindly let me know...
  17. F

    How aggressive is this - Experiment for Gentlemen

    A Chinese Gillette Tech and a Lord L6 combination. For me its fairly aggressive. Its an excellent razor for two or three days beard growth, and it also takes only 1 pass to achieve the required closeness of shave.:scared: I would request experienced shavers to try this combination, and rate...
  18. F

    availability of palmolive shaving sopa stick in vienna

    As one of my wife's colleague is going to Vienna for visit, so I don't want to miss the opportunity to get some shaving sticks from there. I gained knowledge about this Palmolive shave stick by reading information from the old threads that its made in Europe and one can buy easily in England...
  19. F

    WD-40 for stopping blades rust

    Hi, I have just bought becoming extinct 200 blades of Gillette super platinum blue pack (czech made) from a whole seller here in Pakistan. The seller said that these were left unnoticed under some other items. The problem is that after first shave I dry the blade and keep in my bedroom...
  20. F

    Information about this Gillette England razor

    Hi all, I have this razor that i took from my father as he has grown beard now. Out of curiosity I searched for it on the net but couldn't find any useful information/reviews about it. Please let me know the exact name of this razor and details about its aggressiveness. As I want to switch...
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