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  1. rambus007

    Just saying hi

    I've been absent from this forum for a few years and thought I would drop a note since I'm picking up the hobby again. Is there still a WTB section?
  2. rambus007

    Just saying hi

  3. rambus007

    A Sad Day - Corroded Bartmann 6/8"

    I wanted to share with everyone the results of not protecting your straight razors properly when in storage. I live in a very humid country and as soon as I saw my razors start corroding I immediately went and bought a dry box. I never needed such a thing in Canada but it's absolutely...
  4. rambus007

    Cigars in Philippines

    Hello everyone. It's been while since I've logged onto B&B and posted anything. I'm now in Philippines on business and had the opportunity to go shopping recently. I came across some locally made cigars and was tempted to buy some. Here's a pic of what I bought. They aren't stored in a...
  5. rambus007

    My birthday cigar

    Since today is a special day I thought I would smoke my Partagas Series D No. 4. I was told this was a No.1 cigar of the year. Can anyone confirm this? I am not sure if I should enjoy it now or wait until after my dinner. What do you guys think? Anyhow I'm also having it with a very smooth...
  6. rambus007

    Need some advice storing Cohiba Robustos in hot, humid Malaysia

    Hello cigar aficionados. Some of you may know that I left freezing cold Canada to start a new life in hot, humid Malaysia. A day before leaving for Malaysia I came across the opportunity to acquire a box of Cohiba Robutos at a really good price. I've always been curious about quality cigars...
  7. rambus007

    I want to buy a Wacker Razor

    Hey fellas I am considering buying a Wacker Razor. Can I buy them directly from Wacker or do I have to go through a reseller? If someone could provide a link that would be great. Thank you.
  8. rambus007

    Presenting "El Diablo" a custom straight razor

    This is the first custom razor I've ordered and I must say I'm as happy as a kid in a candy store. When I first approached Brian (MileMarker60) I told him I wanted a French tip and a monkey tail in the shape of a dragon's tail. This is the end result. I originally wanted red dyed horn but his...
  9. rambus007

    Tutorial: Peening with nickel silver 'spike' pins

    I thought this might be helpful for newbies wanting to peen their own razor or anyone that comes across these spike style pins. They look like little nails and come with nickel silver collars. I find it much easier and quicker to peen with these then to use standard rods and washers. It's a...
  10. rambus007

    Check this out eh! I AM CANADIAN PIF!

    THIS IS OPEN TO ANYONE LIVING IN CANADA. I've got a modest shave ready straight razor in the bst that I've decided to give away. As the subject states this PIF is only open the Canadians or people living in Canada. The last two PIFs I had were won by Americans so I am keeping it home this...
  11. rambus007

    Some eye candy!

    Here are a couple of rollups which hold my collection of straights. The top one holds 15 and bottom one holds 12. I can't decide if I want to use my rollups or my Hobby Lobby pencil case binder to hold my regular rotation of straights. I hope you enjoy the pics.
  12. rambus007

    I am PIF'g my Tonsorial Gem Straight Razor

    I have this straight razor listed in the bst but there doesn't seem to much interest in this shave ready straight so I am going to give it away! There's a catch though - the winner must make a minimum donation to B&B of $10. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?p=3033601#post3033601...
  13. rambus007

    1790's Broomhead Warranted

    This was auctioned off on ebay earlier this afternoon (ended at 5:31 pm). I bid too and darn now I regret not going higher. Congrats to the winner! :thumbup1:
  14. rambus007

    Joseph Rodgers restored with Paua Abalone scales

    This blade took me about 4-5 hours of buffing! It had lots of rust all over the blade as well as pitting. Fortunately the stamp on the tang was very deep so I was able to remove 99% of the pitting. Sorry I forgot to take the before photo but trust me it looked bad. :lol: I chose to rescale...
  15. rambus007

    Postal rates at Canada Post

    I recently sold a Superspeed to another member through the bst and estimated the shipping fee to be $3. Unfortunately when I went to the post office it turned out to be $11-$12 for parcel! I refunded the money as the shipping cost would have been too cost prohibitive. The reason as I learned...
  16. rambus007

    Sigma Power 1k and 3k from Japan

    I just bought these two stones today. Sigma Power 1000 and 3000 grit ceramic stones. Does anybody have these stones? I was going to get a DMT 600/1200 diamond hone but opted for these instead. I hope I made the right decision. The salesperson told me that they won't be so prone to dishing...
  17. rambus007

    Lee Valley offers shaving brush knots

    They only have 20 mm knots and made of 'genuine badger hair'. They are on pg 18 of the Feb 2011 catalogue. $9.50 for 1 $9 for 5+ $8.55 for 10+ $8.10 for 25+ They also offer razor handle kits for making Mach 3 type razor handles if anyone care for those. $10.50/$10/$9.45/$8.95
  18. rambus007

    Escher or Thuringian

    I have both of these stones but I want to purchase a new toy so I would like to let one go but not sure which is better provides a better edge in your opinion. Do you guys prefer one over the other? I know that these may be considered similar stones. The Escher does not have any labels. I'll...
  19. rambus007

    My 1000th post celebration -> see inside!

    I just noticed that my last posting was #999. So for my 1000th posting I'm going to do a PIF! It will be a shave ready straight razor. I'll do a random draw on Feb 28th at 11:00 PM PST. You qualify based on one of the following: a) You will need to have <100 posts OR b) If you have...
  20. rambus007

    Does Rockler carry a doming set?

    I am having trouble finding the doming set on Rockler's website. Was it Rockler that had the multi piece doming tap set? Apparently they offer free shipping as a cutter promotion and so I bought this would be a great opportunity to purchase a doming set to make domed washers for my restores...
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