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  1. DE-Noob-at-39

    tech conundrum

    I need some advice on a couple gillette tech razors I am interested in. One is a 1975 travel tech (would be my birth razor) and the other is a 1940's gold ball end tech. The gold color of the regular tech is appealing. I'm not sure if the travel tech comes in gold or not. I was wondering if...
  2. DE-Noob-at-39

    Birth Razors

    I'd like this thread to hopefully become an intellectual discussion of birth razors all around. I find it fascinating the lengths members go through to get them and why. Like many of you I'm in the process of trying to get a birth razor. Unfortunately, I'm not a RAD sufferer and only have...
  3. DE-Noob-at-39

    my first DE shave!

    Good News! I finally broke down this morning and shaved for the first time the 1966 L2 gillette superspeed my uncle gave me and a derby 'extra' blade, in addition to my usual bigelow cream and boar brush. after multiple passes my face looked good. although i did catch myself doing the jawline...
  4. DE-Noob-at-39

    Need help lathering with C.O. Bigelow

    For Christmas I received the VDH shave set with a boar brush and the smaller tube of C.O. Bigelow (proraso) shave cream. I am new to using non-aerosol shaving cream and a brush so my first couple attempts at making lather weren't so great. On my first attempt about a week ago I placed the...
  5. DE-Noob-at-39

    contract tech availability?

    These are the pics in the shave wiki that made me fall in love with getting a Contract Tech or another military-issued DE razor. My first DE ended up being a 1966 L2 SS that my uncle got post-1975 while in the air force. I was wondering about the ease or difficulty in acquiring a contract tech...
  6. DE-Noob-at-39

    [PR] Dorco Razor "Pace 6 Plus"

    This is a press release that came into our newsroom this morning. CVS is headquartered here so we often get releases related to them. I figured I'd pass it along to B&B because it kind of answers why Dorco is re-branding their stuff "Pace" in the USA...
  7. DE-Noob-at-39

    cleaning with vinegar?

    Was it ok to allow my mother to clean my recently aquired 1966 ss flaretip using hot water and vinegar on a paper towel? It looks shinier on the doors, inside, and on baseplate. The doors look like they even close tighter. If you watch from the side as they close you see the them close flush...
  8. DE-Noob-at-39

    Derby vs Personna Blue

    I saw there was thread for Derby vs Personna Reds but I don't think I see one comparing Derby's vs the Personna's sold in the USA at Walmart, Sally's, etc. I was planning on shopping local or online for blades for my first DE razor and these were two of the brands I was considering.
  9. DE-Noob-at-39

    Inexpensive Imitation Ivory Victorian

    Greetings, I am looking at getting either a 3-piece or TTO as my first DE razor. I have been looking at all the different brands and models online for the last couple months. Aesthetically I've been leaning towards a 3-piece with a Victorian handle in imitation ivory along with a matching...
  10. DE-Noob-at-39

    new noob member

    Hello, I have been a lurker here for the past 2 months. I'm 39, have course hair, and shave about once a week. I started shaving as a teen using a bic disposable and then a trac2 before moving onto a mach3, which I've been with ever since. I became interested in DE shaving after seeing the tv...
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