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    RetroRazor Faux Badger Shaving Brush

    http://www.amazon.com/RetroRazor-Faux-Badger-Shaving-Brush/dp/B0016SLWZ2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1241113231&sr=8-2 http://s89.photobucket.com/albums/k208/epower925/brush/?action=view&current=phto0024.jpg&t=124111304869 I have been using this brush for a few weeks now. I previously...
  2. M

    Great instant Coffee

    I found this great instant coffee in my health food store. It is called Mount Hagen Organic Cafe. This stuff is not bitter. It is the best instant coffee I have ever had. It tastes better than most drip coffees (Folgers, Maxwell House, etc). It even tastes better than some whole bean...
  3. M

    Coffee Spices?

    What spices will taste good in my coffee? I currently use cinnamon, stevia and coconut cream. I am thinking about adding cloves, or allspice. I am thinking that nutmeg might be good also.
  4. M

    Coffee Substitutes

  5. M

    Can Hanging strops be folded or rolled up?

    I am a newbie and have a dumb question. I was on Tony's site and he has a Apprentice strop that can be rolled up. He also has a basic linen and leather hanging strop. Can the hanging strops be folded over or rolled up? I have limited space and would just like to store it in a box between...
  6. M

    Does the Samurai 2 use Trac II Cartridges?

    I purchased a Samurai 2 from the Derby Shaving Factory. The cartridges look like Trac II cartridges. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?
  7. M

    Virus at Vintage Blades LLC?

    I have a program that caches the webpages that I visit. Today was the second time that I got a message from my antivirus telling me that my cached webpages had a virus. The first time I emptied my cache and was not sure what site it was from. Today, my AVG program told me that there was the...
  8. M

    How are RAD,SCAD,SSAD Justified?

    I try to be the minimalist but the RAD, SSAD and SCADs keep grabbing hold of me. One only needs 1 shaving cream, 1 shaving soap, and 1 razor. But I see so many products out there. I just ordered 100 Derby blades. I was down to 2 boxes of Red Personnas. I am using a glycerine soap for...
  9. M

    Red Personna, Derby, Feather Review

    I hope this will be helpful to the newbies out there. I have used feathers, the Red Personnas from Ebay and now Derbys. The Feather blades are very sharp. They leave a bloody mess if you are not careful. I got 7 shaves out of the blade. I threw it out because I was scared what would...
  10. M

    How Clean is Your pocket Knife?

    I have had pocket knives for years. It never occurred to me to clean them. My wife would complain that they were dirty. I would use them for opening letters, opening boxes and cutting things. When I went away on vacation I got some really nice pocket knives that I do keep clean. By clean...
  11. M

    XM Radio opinions?

    My 1 year XM trial XM subscription expires in January. I am debating whether or not to renew. I like the old radio shows, but they repeat the same shows endlessly all week. The music stations are ok. They play too much Elton John, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jason Timberlake, and the crappy U2...
  12. M

    Coffee Substitutes

    I had to cut back on my coffee consumption for medical reasons. I have been using Green Tea for my morning jolt, and Roastarama as a coffee substitute. It tastes almost as good as instant coffee although it has a different taste. I have read about bambu, pero, cafix, postum, and roma...
  13. M

    Bad Lather: Use or Dump?

    I added too much water to my lather this morning. It meant that all of my passes went bad. It was too runny. I should have dumped it instead of using it. What is it about bad days? On a good day I would have just dumped it and started over.
  14. M

    Maine Goodies Shaving Soap

    Their shaving soap looks decent. Has anyone tried it? http://www.mainegoodies.com/personalcare/shavingsoap.shtml
  15. M

    Frequent Shaving = Faster Hair Growth?

    I used to have regular jobs where I needed to shave daily. I would often have a 5:00 shadow by noontime. Currently, I shave 5 times a week. Sat and Sun with electric; and Tue and Thu with DE. Would my hair grow faster if I shave more often? Or is it that once you start shaving it grows at...
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