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  1. Ctbjdm

    Gloat - son’s first shave!

    Absolutely! He’s welcome to anything I have! But I think it’s important he have ‘his own’ as well. as far as straights - I’m just starting with them, if he expresses any interest I’ll patiently show him what I know and we can learn together.
  2. Ctbjdm

    Not 2 but 3

    Gratefully in! Your work is amazing!
  3. Ctbjdm

    Gloat - son’s first shave!

    No, not that into it (yet). He was intrigued seeing my razors in the bathroom...we'll see, maybe a future member
  4. Ctbjdm

    Gloat - son’s first shave!

    Decided it was time to teach my 15yo son to shave this week - my wife had insisted I get him an electric (ugh now that I know better). Fortunately he was somewhat interested in my safety razors so I grabbed a Rockwell 6s and we started. Started with an Astra blade and plate #1 but we quickly...
  5. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Will check later - thanks
  6. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Highlight reel: Do you think ANYONE at Amazon.com would ever have taken all the time I have taken this morning to compose you emails as I have? Do you think ANYONE there would even know anything about the product? Anyone there ever heard of using a wheel shaped hone so that the cutting edge is...
  7. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Ok, contacted vendor. TL;DR - they say it's user error [I firmly disagree and will be challenging with Paypal] and beyond that I find Jarrod @ The Superior Shave to be kind of a nutjob and would not recommend doing business with him nor with Dovo razors based on this experience. Even if they...
  8. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Ok I’ve reached out to the vendor this am (email) - will see how it goes.
  9. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Yes - I did, forgot to include that.
  10. Ctbjdm

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    Forgive me - my first straight…not sure what this is, but it looks like rust on the Bismark etching. Razor is brand new purchased from a reputable dealer recommended here (will see what you all say and reach out to them tomorrow if appropriate). Today was my second shave with it. First shave...
  11. Ctbjdm

    Case Red Imp 133

    Case - just getting into straight shaving and looking for a honing challenge!
  12. Ctbjdm

    Pasteur Pharmacy 15% off Everything

    Code: FATHER21 6/7 - 6/20 few exclusions but seems quite good No affiliation besides happy customer
  13. Ctbjdm

    Wolfman razors currently on ebay (same seller)

    ok, dumb question - how does one get on the Wolfman wait list?
  14. Ctbjdm

    PROPOSAL: Database/Application development to track shaving history and gear

    I've been bitten by the DE razor bug (and I partially blame all of you). As such I was interested in creating a way to track both my growing razor collection as well as track my results with different gear and hopefully contribute something here...this happens to align to some of my...
  15. Ctbjdm

    Wolfman razors currently on ebay (same seller)

    Yeah I landed there as well...but thought maybe it's someone here with a story!
  16. Ctbjdm

    Wolfman razors currently on ebay (same seller)

    Wondering if anyone knows anything about the (4) Wolfman razors currently listed on ebay by the same seller from Russia [plus a Paradigm SE]. Seems odd, maybe someone snatched them up for resale? Or possible fakes? I have no idea. Disclaimer: this is most definitely NOT me, I have...
  17. Ctbjdm

    DE Blade Storage Box

    I'm in - will try it and let you know how it works. ABS seems like the right material for something like this (?) - not a 3d printer SME.
  18. Ctbjdm

    DE baseplate holder design (to be CNC carved in wood)

    I'm a woodworker and relatively recent convert to DE shaving...been designing a series of razor holders (stay tuned - lots more to hopefully come), but also wanted a holder for the various baseplates I have (or plan to acquire) as I experiment with different geometries. So I whipped this up...
  19. Ctbjdm

    Are 3-piece safety razors easier to break if they fall than 2-piece razors?

    I just received my first Fatip. Has anyone had any luck contacting the manufacturer to get a broken razor replaced? Or “cost of doing business” in buying such an inexpensive razor?
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