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Search results

  1. valmara1971

    What's your soap for today?

    Williams shaving creme a raser mentholee
  2. valmara1971

    How Is Your Day ? Three Words

    Handed uniform back!
  3. valmara1971

    Psychic Exercise

    Can't say about C&E but I can predict a definate rise in the sales of L'Occitane in the very very near future. :001_smile
  4. valmara1971

    DE in the Dishwasher?

    I remember this question being asked before and horror was the general response. I hear ultrasonic is the way to go. :thumbup1:
  5. valmara1971

    For Those Who Have Found Nirvana

    Those who find shaving Nirvana instantly vanish from B&B and also from all our collective memory. So by virtue of the fact you are asking this question leads me to believe neither of us have found Nirvana. Therefore the need to buy more razors and soaps and brushes and so on and so still exists...
  6. valmara1971

    Another n00b checking in...

    Great to have you here, it's a good thing you have most of the common AD's topped out already prior to joining the clan! Welcome to B&B. :biggrin1:
  7. valmara1971

    SWMBO is gonna kill me!

    No, incorrect. They are HER things, normal rules of logic do not apply! :biggrin1:
  8. valmara1971

    Newbie AS Question

    Theyers witch hazle perhaps? Cheap and cheerful. :thumbup:
  9. valmara1971

    Thank you from another DE convert

    Welcome to B&B glad you could make it. Enjoy spending time with a fantasatic group of folks. :thumbup:
  10. valmara1971

    New G-Shocks this month

    Loving them all. :thumbup:
  11. valmara1971

    Its so cute!

    Nice score fella. BTW your user name is the same as my dog. :biggrin1:
  12. valmara1971

    Holy wow, how did I use store razors for so long?!

    Agreed nothing smells sweeter then the zeal of a newbie.(except perhaps Tabac) :thumbup:
  13. valmara1971

    Hello All!

    Welcome to B&B. Strength and honour brother.
  14. valmara1971

    SWMBO is gonna kill me!

    Risky that approach, she may have just said but I need these you don't need all those you only have one face! :biggrin1:
  15. valmara1971

    'Experienced' User getting raw Shaves :(

    +1 just try 1 soap and a different blade and chill out. Use shave time as you time. :thumbup:
  16. valmara1971

    Hello guys! back from the brink of stubbledom.

    What a bummer when life gets in the way of B&B. :biggrin1:
  17. valmara1971

    SWMBO is gonna kill me!

    On the other hand if SWMBO doe's indeed decide to kill you then you can be assured there are lots of sharp things laying around to assist her. :biggrin1:
  18. valmara1971

    Blade Question

    It's generally know around here that merks blades suck, great razor but rubbish blades. You have solved your own problem. :biggrin1:
  19. valmara1971

    How to disassemble usual Gilletter Match3?

    I agree pointless and a waste of cyber space. Nice photo though. :biggrin1:
  20. valmara1971

    Teaching father to shave part 2

    I have only tried a str8 once so can't say much. I'm sure that with 1 to 1 training from you he will be just fine. I think it's such a different experiance you can just jump str8 in with your help. :001_smile
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