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  1. RobAtSGH


    If you want a pure, unadulterated example of vetiver, Cyril Salter French Vetiver cream is pretty much straight up scented with just the essential oil. Earthy, smoky, dirty-vegetal, woody. Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and scents of that type are mostly that just diluted down to a dry cologne...
  2. RobAtSGH

    D R Harris Old Windsor- Love the shavecream- Does the Spash/EdT have the same Punch?

    The AS and the cream are very similar to each other in the container. In use, I find the cream when lathered emphasizes the citrus, while the AS when worn highlights the woodiness. YMMV.
  3. RobAtSGH

    Need to Replace Lost Wallet? Any Recommendations?

    Talk to me about this, please. Since I moved mine from my back to front pocket it's better, but it'll still split thinner cards. How long did you have your first one before you exchanged it?
  4. RobAtSGH

    Red Wing Iron Rangers

    The 11.5 in the wider width is probably the thing. Until they break in, as was previously mentioned, they're going to feel stiff and a bit tight across the top of the foot. Unlike dress shoes' finer leathers which break in quickly, the toe box and vamp of boots like the IR are double-thick...
  5. RobAtSGH

    Question about short ribs.

    I like going bone-in for an entree where the meat is the centerpiece. Better presentation. Boneless short ribs are for braising and shredding, or slicing thin IMO. As far as portioning, two or three bones per adult person is generally good if they're part of a substantial meal. Braised ribs are...
  6. RobAtSGH

    I hate mandolins.

    Chalk up another victim of the mandolin slicer. I almost took off the tip of my right thumb once. They are a tool that will brood and wait until you get cocky, and then bite. Using the side rail as a guide is a good piece of advice. Flat-palm the food you're slicing, keeping it against the side...
  7. RobAtSGH

    Help me?

    Might I also suggest: a) Dark jeans - classic wash. You can wear just about anything with a good pair of dark denim. b) If you want to do some button-front shirts with a bit of extra color, don't lock into button-down collars/oxfords. Get yourself some tailored-fit poplin and linen-weave...
  8. RobAtSGH

    johnston and murphy sizing issue

    J&M tends to size large. Anywhere from a half to full size greater than marked. Send 'em back and get an 8 1/2 or 9 and see how that goes for you. I had a pair of Venetians from them that I had to go a full size smaller than usual on, and they weren't anywhere near snug.
  9. RobAtSGH

    Red Wing Iron Rangers

    Pull the trigger. You want the Red Wings. My briar-brown chukkas are my go-to jeans shoes. They're going to take a bit to break in - and do your self the favor of not wearing them *every* day until they are - but they'll age very well.
  10. RobAtSGH

    Leather Slippers anyone?

    I'll put in another vote for the LL Bean leather-lined. Old hardwood floors here, too. Mine are holding up just fine. How long they last will depend on how many miles you put on 'em. They are pretty comfortable once broken in you'll find, even without the shearling lining.
  11. RobAtSGH

    The latest Esquire tells me trouser pleats are back

    The only way I'll wear any trouser with a pleat is in very lightweight summer wool or linen. Anything heavier in fabric than that, and it's flat-front. I'm one of those rare guys that's actually got an *** to fit in his pants, and pleats just make the top of trousers look like a balloon on me...
  12. RobAtSGH

    Autumn clothing - What's your style? Favorite article to wear?

    Fall here around the Chesapeake and surrounding tributaries usually involves a fair number of gray, drizzly days (like today). So, I finally sprung for a lighter-weight Filson waxed-cotton jacket to which I can add a zip-in wool liner as the temps start dropping. I don't do much flannel, but...
  13. RobAtSGH

    SOTD "Favorite Football Team" Theme Week 8-14 September 2014

    Crawling back into the SOTD thread... Schick Krona, new Personna Blue "Lab" Super blade, RazoRock Chianti Lavender soap, Omega boar, hot water in the scuttle, and Fine Clean Vetiver aftershave for afters. Result: one damned near perfect BBS shave. Forgot how well the Omega and RazoRock...
  14. RobAtSGH

    Jack Dean Anyone?

    Anyone out there a fan of Jack Dean Eau de Quinine? I bought it, tried it, did not like. :thumbdown If anyone's out there who digs the stuff, and you live in the lower 48, I'll send you a bottle minus one palmful. Just PM me.
  15. RobAtSGH

    New hairbrush?

    I'm a big fan of the standard Kent MG-3 oval military style with natural boar bristle. It'll cost a bit more than a synthetic brush from your local drug store, but they're fantastic and will last for years. Boar bristle is gentle on the hair and scalp, too.
  16. RobAtSGH

    Looking for light all day hold for light hair

    Lucky Tiger 3-purpose tonic works well, too. The only thing I'd say would potentially go against it is the fragrance. Kinda citrus/fruity and lingering. If you like it, no problem. If you hate it, it sticks around for a while.
  17. RobAtSGH

    I need a good cutlery set

    Knives I use daily: 8" chef's knife. 3" paring knife. Everyone should have these two. You can do 95% of what you need a kitchen knife for with these two pieces. Knives I use occasionally: 8" carving knife. 5" utility. The carver gets used on large poultry and whole hams, mostly. The utility...
  18. RobAtSGH

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Sierra Nevada/Victory Alt Route and DuClaw Euforia.
  19. RobAtSGH

    PIF: New Piper's Privilege

    Having quite a few years experience with that pipe, I can vouch that it is not inherently a wet smoker, even with heavily cased aromatics.
  20. RobAtSGH

    PIF: New Piper's Privilege

    Moisture is usually a sign of smoking too fast. The goal should be a steady series of "sips" and not heavy pulls. How long does a full bowl normally last for you?
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