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  1. Jaybeez

    Shave Oil - Initial Impressions

    I've been wet shaving for 5 - 6 years (don't remember exactly) and have never really used much in the way of pre-shave products. Early on, I tried Noxema, but never really noticed a difference. Recently, Village Barber shave oil was recommended as a product that "somehow" helped mow down the...
  2. Jaybeez

    West Coast Shaving #17 Rum Runner Review

    Picked up one of the WCS branded soaps several weeks ago, and took it on a trip over the past week, where it was accompanied by my trusty BBS-1 and LA Shaving Soap synthetic brush (my go to for travel). I pretty much needed to take the tub on a trip so I could use it several days in a row for a...
  3. Jaybeez

    College Football

    https://www.facebook.com/usc/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED Trojans got stomped by the Tide tonight. Sad showing. On the high side, my kid was in the SC commercial.
  4. Jaybeez

    Home Audio Forum?

    Looking to see if anyone has a recommendation as to a solid Home Audio Forum? Thinking B&B-type (in layout and spirit) but for new and vintage audio gear. Not necessarily Home Theater focused. I'm getting back into two channel / vinyl and want to re-learn what I've mostly forgotten over the...
  5. Jaybeez

    Just back from my bi weekly visit to West Coast Shaving

    For those that are fans of LA Shaving Soap (like me) they are now being carried by West Coast Shaving. Today I saw Bespoke, Topanga Fougere and Woody Lavender on the shelf. Not sure if other varieties were there. They told me it was pretty recent that they began stocking, but wanted to mention...
  6. Jaybeez

    Note to self .

    Put the cap BACK on the pen before putting it in your pocket ... especially the big, wet Mont Blanc!
  7. Jaybeez

    3rd Time is the charm . taming the (R41) beast

    Several months ago, I picked up an R41 used. The former owner couldn't get an acceptable shave, so elected to let it go. My first two shaves were spaced weeks apart and absolutely horrible. Not close, lots of irritation, and weepers galore. I too considered letting this razor go to someone...
  8. Jaybeez

    Got my dream pen today .

    I'm a sucker for Mont Blanc. Maybe I've bought into the hype, but have loved my MB ball point and rollerballs for over 30 years. One or the other has been in my pocket 5 days a week for most of my professional career. Shortly after I got into FPs, I happened upon the Mont Blanc boutique in...
  9. Jaybeez

    Not feeling it . Feather

    I've rotated through many brands of DE blades, and had settled on Astra SP as my blade of choice. Today I changed to a Feather which happened to be in a drawer (my Astras are in a cabinet and I got lazy). This is probably my 3rd or 4th time with a Feather, which I held out on using until I got...
  10. Jaybeez

    For Those Needing Storage

    Found out about this on another forum and pulled the trigger today: http://www.costco.com/Trinity-Wood-Tool-Box.product.100153740.html
  11. Jaybeez

    One passion leads to another .

    Pardon the handwriting. Now with ample writers in the stable, and some decent paper, focus on penmanship is next up:
  12. Jaybeez

    Converted Yet Another

    After converting my nephew to DE shaving, his dad became intrigued. I turned him on to West Coast Shaving and he dropped by on Friday. $192 later, he's good to go. Simpson Colonel, Merkur 38C, and various accessories. Tomorrow is his first shave, and I'm waiting for the report. I won't rest...
  13. Jaybeez

    CC Cat 'o Nine Tails - I get it nowAma

    Heard so much about this one so picked up a bottle. Used it three times and didn't really care for it. Not sure why, but it just didn't float my boat. It sat in my cabinet for about a month, begging to be used, sold or PIFed. I considered all, and decided to use it today. Wow what have I...
  14. Jaybeez

    Thinking this is an Old Type?

    Bought this from a B&B brother to give an open comb a try. Really like the razor, but I'd like to know just what it is. The handle has a patent date of January 13, 1920. As that's about the time my grandfather would have started shaving, it would be cool if that is indeed how old it is...
  15. Jaybeez

    Question about Pilots

    My first foray into FPs was a Pilot Metropolitan. Loved the pen, wrote like a dream, so I ordered a 12 pack of refills. Now my wife has "appropriated" the instrument after signing some birthday cards. I picked up a B&B Franklin Cristophe which I filled with Mont Blanc Royal Blue and really...
  16. Jaybeez

    Postage Due

    Just back from yet another 1/2 hour visit to the local post office to pickup a package from a B&B purchase that came with postage due. I've never had this occur with purchases from other forums, and frankly am perplexed that the post office at the sender's end would even ship a package without...
  17. Jaybeez

    Gillette fusion Commercial

    Watching ESPN and just saw a Fusion commercial claiming 1 full month of shaving per refill. What? Didn't see any fine print but am assuming one month of weekly shaves. I've used several carts over the years and could get a decent week out of most of them, but a month? Looks like an attempt...
  18. Jaybeez

    Shaving Stick . am I doing it right?

    I've started using a stick whilst traveling, due to relatively small size and ease of use. Am using an LA Shaving Soap stick. I find it hard to work up a lather directly from the stick, even with my travel brush (Wee Scot). What seems to work best is to rub the stick on my wet stubble, then...
  19. Jaybeez

    Your orders are on the way .

    Just left WCS. Large cartload of outbounds was successfully loaded and on it's way to many of you. For those in the East, the weather may delay your arrivals, but the 78 degree day today surely didn't delay order fulfillment at this end.
  20. Jaybeez

    A little help from Chicagoans?

    Upon unpacking this evening I noted I forgot a brush. Have the DE89l and LASS shave stick but nothing to whip it up. Any advice for a brother staying at The Palmer House until the middle of next week? I see a L'occitane down the street but thought they stopped selling brushes? Looks like...
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