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Search results

  1. Roedeer

    Nivea 2-Phase Aftershave Lotion

    Is this still made? I like it a lot, and only have 3 spares lined up.
  2. Roedeer

    A recent arrival in the world of soap

    As a recent user of soaps like Arko and Palmolive, I'd be interested in advice. Why didn't I like soaps before? I face-lathered them, and that worked out badly
  3. Roedeer

    WTB Game Changer 0.68 SB (but I am in the UK).

    I don't know if I'm qualified to post in this section, but here we go: I'm interested in trying a Razorock GC 0.68, but I am in the UK.
  4. Roedeer


    If you are thinking of trying something new, that could turn out rather badly, why not have a rehearsal? I am now rubbing that "unshaveable" side-of-mouth area with my fingertips - yes, it grows downwards, but with a bit of an outward angle. What's needed is an upwards attack with an inward...
  5. Roedeer

    Israeli versus EU Personna blades

    I missed the alert on here about Personna shutting down its operation in Israel. On the other hand, I noticed a while back that I liked the "made in Israel, distributed by (...) Energizer, High Wycombe, UK" high street Personnas available here (Scotland), and on general cynical principles ("if...
  6. Roedeer

    Hair trimming devices

    I'm short-haired, or aspiring to be properly so, but if I want to tidy up the back of my head, what's good? I used my 1930s OC Gillette the last time, in the "unscrew it a bit, and it will bite a whole load of hair off" mode, and that worked out OK, but hey, that old girl ought to be on a...
  7. Roedeer


    I've been locked into the Rockwell 6C for a few months, and eventually grew to like the R4 plate as the Cinderella choice. "Not too aggressive, not too tame; just right." Recently, I re-tried my Merkur 23c, and liked it. Why did I choose a long handle back then, though? Probably because...
  8. Roedeer

    Did you change your routine recently?

    ... and was it a success? Since it was a new month, I thought I'd review my shave preparation. My question was "Do you really need to use that shave oil prep, every time? What would happen, if you didn't bother with that?" Everything else was the same, and the blade was a good Personna in a...
  9. Roedeer

    Handles, heads and thread compatibility

    I know that not every 3-part razor has the same screw threads. What I'm wondering is if I can safely mix and match the handles, between a Merkur 23C and a Rockwell 6C. As far as an experiment goes, they seem to be compatible, but I'd like to know for sure, before tightening anything down hard...
  10. Roedeer

    Shaving in difficult directions

    I've looked at earlier threads, but is there a good way of shaving those areas that follow where a Fu Manchu would droop, around the sides of your mouth? (Everywhere except that is either sorted out, or, with an SAS on the neck, not worth bothering about.) These areas seem to be very resistant...
  11. Roedeer

    Well, here we are

    I'm not a very convincing newbie here, because I used a DE between 1973 -- 1982. I know for sure I was using the thing back in '82, because I stepped on it (ow!) and got a neat little triangular divot bitten out of my heel. Fair play. That pretty little Gillette razor was probably dragged all...
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